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The "robot police officer" Haiyun data at the intersection brings the latest research and development achievements

citizens visit the Haiyun data exhibition area. People's Chongqing, August 27 (Chen Qi, Huang Jun, Zou Yuming) on August 26, 2019 China International Intelligent Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as "2019 smart Expo") opened at Chongqing International Expo Center. In order to show the progress in the field of big data and intelligence, enterprises have shown their "housekeeping skills". Among them, Haiyun data, which has settled in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, has also shown that this technology can also help reduce the consumption of additives, and has produced the first product "intersection robot", presenting the latest R & D achievements of enterprises in the field of "intelligent transportation"

In 2001, Aspen company, which has a close relationship with NASA, was established.

the "robot police officer" at the intersection has a small body and high energy.

now, IOT is trying to integrate into the transportation field, and a series of "smart transportation" big data platforms came into being, but these platforms inevitably have the problems of insufficient control and excessive control range. In this case, Haiyun data "intersection robot" came into being. This square small box is actually a "intersection robot police officer" worthy of the name

"this robot looks small, but it is not as simple as its appearance." Liuxinchang, chief engineer of Haiyun data technology, introduced that this product can provide comprehensive, real-time and accurate data at the front end of the road for the "brain" of the intelligent transportation center, realize the grid management of intersection equipment, and the convergence of perception and control equipment, so as to improve the awareness enhancement, automatic research and judgment, efficient control and the integrated operation and maintenance management ability of intersection subsystems

Liu Xinchang said that this robot has another advantage. It can continue to operate even without network connection. "In general, this' intersection robot 'can support road traffic congestion alleviation and smooth traffic, realize the new situation of intelligent transportation with information sharing and multi police reuse, and meet the complex application of intelligent policing in intelligent urban traffic management."

big data application displayed by Haiyun data on site. Photographed by Wang Zihao

various big data "black technologies" help the development of smart cities

in the exhibition hall, Haiyun 13 concrete pumping agent data "smart city management system" is also eye-catching. It is reported that through this system, users can understand the massive integrated information of urban people's livelihood, finance, economy, environmental protection, ecology, security and other aspects. Field staff said that its highlight is that it can realize the rapid sharing and exchange of data, and can truly reflect the overall picture of the region. The efficiency of data interaction is very high. Last year, this system has been applied in Yuhua District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, and has a good response

the service design platform "tuyi" that gives users the ability to apply AI, the intelligent police big data command and decision-making visual analysis platform that can promote the "intensity integration, high sharing, and deep application" of police information, and the intelligent command and actual combat platform. The standards of fracture toughness, flexural strength, and elastic modulus of fine ceramic materials are gb/t10700 (2) 006, gb/t6569 (2) 006, gb/t23806 (2) 009 and other standards, three-dimensional geographic information video fusion platform Geographic information visualization platform, the civil aviation big data application solution "zhihangshun", which integrates intelligent management, intelligent operation, intelligent service and intelligent security... More "black technologies" shine in the Haiyun data exhibition area

for a long time, as the "Ai scene dreamer", Haiyun data has been committed to using artificial intelligence and visual analysis technology to empower users in the scene, help users make decisions, and truly realize the upgrading of scene business and the evolution of scene knowledge. Four industries, public safety, future travel, digital City, and emergency management, have always been the focus of Haiyun data. In the future, in the development of big data and intelligent applications, Haiyun data will also provide solid support for Chongqing

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