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Robots are always mobilized to engage in the diversification of "types of work" at the Industrial Expo

robots have always been a highlight of the Industrial Expo. Both ABB group, which has a leading position in the world, and the scientific research institutions of major universities have launched their own trump robots at this Industrial Expo. In the past, when people mentioned robots, they thought more about the application in the industrial field. However, at this year's Industrial Expo, there were many learning robots, which were deeply loved by visitors

learning robots are more interesting

this year, Fudan University unveiled the robot named Fuwa at the Industrial Expo. It is a self loading, mobile and multimedia computer platform, which becomes a human-computer interaction by configuring different software. It is reported that Fuwa's "brain program" has the ability to interact with the outside world and constantly learn new skills. Researchers said that Fuwa can play the role of tutor and improve children's interest in learning through specially designed interactive multimedia. "If the child makes progress in learning, Fuwa will encourage him by singing, acting or funny expressions." The researcher laughed

there is another teaching robot called "ability storm", whose parts can be disassembled. Children can reassemble it and program it to command robot actions. The staff said that its original introduction to the correct operation of the bending testing machine is similar to building blocks. The components of this robot can be disassembled and reconstituted into different shapes, such as "robot", "robot dog", "robot Crawler", etc. children can use it to express their creativity

industrial robots have a high degree of intelligence

at this Industrial Expo, abb showed five different robot products, including low-end and conventional machine products that have been seriously overpowered by human intelligent 3D vision system, compact small painting experts, vacuum suction cup stacking and destacking workstation, robot packaging workstation, and flexible force control precision machining. Among them, based on ABB's advanced flexible force control finishing system and intelligent 3D vision system, the robot has reached a new level of intelligence. They can flexibly adapt to changes in the working environment, and their operation actions are more accurate and efficient

the "industrial robot" exhibited by Shanghai Electric Group works "on duty" in the major technical equipment exhibition area of hall W1. Exhibitors said that this series of industrial robots are specially developed according to the type of work and working environment, and store this data in the human-machine memory at the same time. Small spray robots are most suitable for the spray field with medium and small workpieces as objects. Their arms can rotate 160 degrees per second, and the front end of their wrists can rotate 600 degrees per second; The medium-sized intelligent robot with steel frame structure is "good physical strength", which can carry 50kg heavy objects; The logistics intelligent robot has "good endurance" and can carry heavy objects 3000 times per hour

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