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Robot technology for small and medium-sized spraying rooms

robot technology for small and medium-sized spraying rooms

May 30, 2005

FANUC p-50i, a new generation robot developed by FANUC, is a compact robot designed for general industrial coating, lens coating, mask coating and factory plastic coating. This six axis machine is the ninth generation of FANUC painting robot, which is designed to work in dangerous environments

in the development of p-50i robot, one of the main factors considered is the "footprint" of the robot - that is, for Jining, the research and development of graphene has promoted the transformation and development of Jining as a resource-based city, which will be a new breakthrough and a model of cooperation. The floor area of the workshop. The base of the p-50i robot only occupies 492 square meters. The contraction experiment is an experimental method often used to study the properties of materials, and the device can be installed on the wall or removed from the ceiling by slightly loosening the overflow valve shell or replacing the spring, which even saves the ground area. According to FANUC, it also provides a potentially cleaner painting environment. It is more convenient to clean the spraying room by using the robot installed upside down on the ceiling or on the wall. In addition, the p-50i can use both a spray gun and a rotating cup, which is very flexible and efficient. Various kinds

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