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Bobai County, Yulin, Guangxi shut down 96 small paper mills in one day. In order to completely eliminate the pollution of small paper mills in Nalin Town, Bobai County to the surrounding environment of the county, do not continuously measure for many times, consolidate the good achievements made by Bobai County in fighting river pollution since last year, and return the people a clean and elegant environment. On January 10, the Bobai County Party committee and government organized a series of activities organized by the electricity industry, water conservancy, environmental protection, construction, public security The traditional machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises with a strong lineup composed of industry and Commerce and other departments joined the law enforcement team in the research and development of new parts, and implemented the power outage joint law enforcement against 96 small paper mills without licenses that refused to implement the decisions of the county government and were eliminated by the state

in view of the serious environmental pollution caused by the small paper mill in Nalin town of the county, since last year, Bobai County has repeatedly organized environmental protection, construction and other relevant departments to go deep into the villages of Nalin Town, where the small paper mill is concentrated, actively publicize and implement the scientific concept of development, energy conservation and emission reduction and other policies to the owners of small paper mills and the general public, and patiently and carefully do a good job in the ideological guidance of the owners of small paper mills in the town to stop business and change production. The county government issued a notice in September last year, deciding to shut down all small paper mills in the county at the end of October last year, actively eliminate red pollution, and provide a clean environment for the people of the county and surrounding counties and cities. After the announcement of the closure of small paper mills was issued, the illegal production behavior of small paper mills in the county has converged, and some paper mills have stopped production and switched production. However, as the Spring Festival approaches, it is the peak season for the sale of firecracker and fire paper, some small paper mill owners cannot resist the temptation of high profits, ignore the repeated orders of the state, refuse to implement the relevant decisions of the county Party committee and the county government, and take risks in desperation. The County attached great importance to this and made careful arrangements. On January 10, the county organized and carried out the joint law enforcement action of power outage, and implemented power outages and ordered the shutdown of 96 small paper mills in Nalin town that had not yet removed transformers or wires according to law. Under the unified command of the joint law enforcement team, the technical personnel of the power department forcibly dismantle the key power connection facilities on the transformer or completely dismantle the wires, and resolutely eliminate the violations of individual small paper mills from the source without vibration. At the scene of joint law enforcement, Yang Shilin, deputy head of Bobai County, said in an interview with the author: our county Party committee and county government will never allow the phenomenon of small paper mills stealing production in our jurisdiction. We are that its thermal insulation performance can be superior to all other types of thermal insulation materials and resolutely put an end to environmental pollution

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