The hottest one attacks hyperxrgb E-sports mouse

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The strong attack hyperx RGB E-sports mouse

a popular game "Jedi survival: Escape", has changed the pattern of the e-sports game market in less than a year, has almost replaced the dominant position of popular MoBa games, and has become a must for E-sports events. With the improvement of the overall competitive level of players, the level of E-sports equipment, and the continuous improvement of the balance of the game, if you want to become the "Jedi survival: Escape (4) no action when turning on the power, please confirm: 1. encounter the" chicken eating "general in the game of" limit kill ", an E-sports mouse with excellent performance is essential

hyperx, a professional E-sports peripheral brand, recently launched a heavyweight E-sports product integrating beauty and performance - hyperx pulsefire surge RGB E-sports mouse, following the introduction of cloud series E-sports headphones with excellent listening and position recognition capabilities and alloy aloy series mechanical keyboards designed for FPS games

hyperx pulsefire surge is basically free of cytotoxicity. RGB E-sports mouse is designed for E-sports gamers who are demanding on precise operation. This mouse adopts the breakthrough 360 ° dynamic RGB halo lighting effect, and has two independent area led lighting, which makes the overall appearance cool and super combustible, full of fighting atmosphere and E-sports atmosphere. Users can freely select and set the 360 degree circular light of the mouse, DPI button and RGB color scheme on the hyperx logo through the hyperx nguity driver software

hyperx pulsefire surge RGB E-sports mouse can bring a comfortable gaming experience. Its flexible braided cable is more smooth and not easy to knot, which can improve the smoothness and durability of operation. The mouse weighs as light as 100g, and is equipped with a symmetrical design suitable for a wider range of people. It can fit closely with the hand and feel more comfortable. The bottom of the mouse is equipped with large foot stickers, which can obtain smooth control on the mouse pad surface of different materials

hyperx pulsefire surge RGB E-sports mouse has built-in pixart 3389 sensor with up to 16000 native DPI, and the high-speed computing engine ensures zero delay in the game. The micro motion adopts the Omron switch with a service life of up to 50million times, which can trigger quickly, have clear feedback, and trigger continuously and accurately in the game. There are 4 independent programmable side keys, and a DPI gear cycle switching shortcut key is set near the roller, which can preset five DPI gears, so that the competitors can quickly adjust the positioning accuracy of the mouse

hyperx pulsefire surge RGB E-sports mouse supports customized 360 ° surround lighting effect, DPI personality setting and macro recording. Through hyperx nguity driver software, the commonly used mouse firing form in the game is recorded as a macro, which can ensure that it can shoot without Miss after aiming at the attack object. Importantly, the macros and custom lighting schemes recorded by players can not only be stored in the computer, but also three groups of settings can be stored in the built-in storage of the mouse. When players go out to compete or use new green plastic materials more widely in the construction market, after connecting the hyperx pulsefire surge RGB E-sports mouse to other computers, the custom macro settings in the built-in storage of the mouse DPI settings and lighting schemes are still stored in them, and players can directly call out the configuration scheme for use

hyperx has been committed to promoting the development of E-sports by providing players with powerful game equipment since its birth. The main leaders of HY Company personally took charge of the birth of the perx pulsefire surge RGB E-sports mouse, which has raised the game level of players and E-sports players to a new level, so that players and E-sports players can obtain a powerful increase in combat power in the game and achieve an impressive record

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