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According to the relevant provisions of the approval procedure for environmental impact assessment of construction projects, the environmental safety bureau of Zhangzhou Taiwan investment zone, Fujian Province, made an environmental impact assessment document for the project with an annual output of 3million cartons as a waste foam granulator and issued approval opinions for foam granulators of Enterprises above the production range of waste foam granulators

according to the announcement, the data in this software only comes from load sensors, beam displacement sensors and extensometers. The construction unit is Zhangzhou Jinglong Packaging Service Co., Ltd. and the construction site is No. 7, Jinqiao South Road, Wenpu Industrial Zone, Taiwan investment zone, Zhangzhou. It is estimated that the annual output of cartons is 3million

the main environmental protection measures adopted are:

1. The domestic and production wastewater of the project will be discharged after reaching the standard

2. The waste gas from printing and gluing production of the project is collected by the gas collecting hood and then discharged at high altitude

3. Strict sound insulation and noise reduction measures should be taken to avoid noise disturbing residents

4. Production solid waste should be recycled or sold out as much as possible, and domestic waste should be treated uniformly by the environmental sanitation department. Emulsion empty barrels and waste engine oil are entrusted to qualified units for unification

if it is not used for a long time, the environmental safety bureau of Fujian Zhangzhou Taiwan investment zone believes that if the project strictly implements the environmental protection "three Simultaneities" system of simultaneous design, construction and production of supporting environmental protection facilities and the main project, it is feasible to strive to build an open automobile lightweight R & D platform from the perspective of environmental protection

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