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Once again has won the prize again! Dinggu won the top ten hardware competitiveness of China's real estate suppliers in 2018

and once again award! Dinggu won the top ten hardware competitiveness of China's real estate suppliers in 2018

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original title: once again won the prize! Dinggu won the top ten hardware competitiveness of China's real estate suppliers in 2018

on December 13, 2018, the "innovative supply chain win-win new change" 2018 China real estate annual procurement summit and the third benchmark developer and excellent supplier award ceremony jointly organized by Mingyuan cloud procurement and Zhongcheng Liancai were held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. After fierce competition and strict screening, Guangdong dinggu Jichuang home furnishing Co., Ltd. won the "2018 top ten Chinese real estate supplier competitiveness (hardware)" award with strong brand strength, excellent quality and high-quality service reputation in the real estate industry

dinggu won the top ten hardware competitiveness of China's real estate suppliers in 2018

on site of the conference

in order to ensure the professionalism and reference value of this supplier competitiveness selection, real name recommendation, regular online voting on the measurement system and on-site evaluation by high-level experts in developer procurement were adopted in the evaluation process. Through a series of reviews, such as cloud procurement platform data screening, developers' online recommendation data, and real estate procurement expert review, 300 developers can buy the industrial chain in the future. A highly credible top ten list was born in the high-level expert review. Dinggu was able to win this honor through layers of competition and strict screening, and the brand strength was once again widely recognized by customers

however, some customers need general testing

2018 China's top ten real estate supplier competitiveness list (hardware)

focus on quality and strength witness

dinggu, as the leader in the home furnishing industry, has focused on the field of hardware door locks for 16 years, with diverse product styles, meeting different customer needs, leading the industry trend, and has the whole process ability from innovative design, R & D, processing and manufacturing to marketing; The marketing network covers the whole country, with nearly 1000 standardized terminal points; It can provide engineering customers with a full range of themed home decoration hardware overall supporting solutions. At the same time, dinggu is also one of the few enterprises in the hardware industry that has passed the national professional 3C certification, and can provide complete hardware supporting solutions for engineering projects, from intelligent door locks, household fire-proof door locks, anti-theft safety door locks, to indoor sliding door hardware, decorative hardware, furniture hardware, bathroom hardware, door control five gold and so on

dinggu has maintained a good and stable strategic partnership with leading real estate enterprises such as Evergrande real estate, Shidai real estate, Yajule real estate, Greentown real estate, Zhongnan real estate, Xincheng real estate, rongchuang real estate, Jindi real estate, Qifu real estate and Xinghe real estate, and has won the honors of "strategic partner" awarded by Zhongnan real estate and "excellent strategic partner" awarded by Shidai real estate; At the same time, major real estate projects across the country have received good news, and dinggu has successfully won the bid for Evergrande's "Haihua Island, Hainan, China" and other major projects with excellent product quality and professional service system

renderings of Evergrande's "Haihua Island, Hainan, China" project

in addition, dinggu has officially become a strategic partner with Golden Mantis decoration company, and will provide a full range of hardware products for all engineering projects it undertakes across the country, including commercial buildings, residential and public buildings, such as airports, subways, government office buildings, large stadiums, schools, hospitals, high-end office buildings, large shopping malls Five star hotels, hardbound buildings, villas, etc

sincere service: provide overall hardware system solutions

in the face of fierce competition from hardware suppliers in the real estate industry, dinggu always adheres to independent and original home design, adheres to the concept of "details achieve quality", and pioneers a new service mode of Golden Elephant 6D (Elite consultants, exquisite design, precise installation, excellent quality, careful maintenance, sincere logistics), focusing on cutting-edge technology research and development, Provide overall hardware system solutions for the real estate industry. Since fali real estate industry, dinggu has actively participated in the bidding and customized the most appropriate solutions for customers according to the project needs, which has greatly played its advantages of rich product lines and excellent after-sales service system, and created a healthy and comfortable home life for more users

honor witnesses strength, and strength casts brilliance. Winning the "2018 top ten Chinese real estate supplier competitiveness (hardware)" award is not only the recognition of dinggu in 2018, but also the incentive for 2019. In the future, dinggu will continue to be down-to-earth, with ingenuity and sincere service, create value for real estate customers and bring more comfortable and better home experience to owners

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