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Covering an area of 1000 mu, the "zhongdingyun" Big Data Center settled in Langfang

at the signing ceremony of key projects of Beijing Tianjin Hebei Industrial Transfer held in Shijiazhuang recently, Langfang city leaders and zhongdingyun technology Hebei Co., Ltd. officially signed the "Guangyang zhongdingyun big data Industrial Park (IDC big data center) project framework agreement". What should we pay attention to when the total investment of the project is 21.575 billion yuan? Let's go and have a look

at the signing ceremony, a total of 40 projects were signed, including 7 projects signed in Langfang, with a total investment of 58.5 billion yuan, and the number of signed projects ranked first in the province. The project of Guangyang Zhongding cloud big data Industrial Park is the third contract signing

the site of zhongdingyun Digital Industrial Park project is located in Wanzhuang Town, Guangyang District, Langfang city. It plans to cover an area of 1000 mu, with a total construction area of 696000 square meters, including 600000 square meters of data center computer room area and 96000 square meters of comprehensive R & D office area. Therefore, it is necessary for petrochemical enterprises to carefully evaluate the investment related to raw materials under a series of price scenarios. The total investment of the project is 21.575 billion yuan, with 72800 equipment cabinets

b. the use of fixtures is directed to the development and construction of Zhongding cloud big data Industrial Park. Zhongding cloud technology Hebei Co., Ltd., jointly formed by Beijing Zhongding Venture Capital Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Beijing shouchang entrepreneurship Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., the leader of IDC industry, undertakes all the development work. After the official operation of the comprehensive industrial park integrating the IDC data management industry, cloud computing and cloud storage platform industry in Zhongding cloud Tongzhou, Zhongding cloud shows the characteristics of its industry leader, and quickly replicates and launches another masterpiece

zhongdingyun technology Hebei Co., Ltd. will carry out comprehensive cooperation with Langfang aluminum alloy window GB 8479 ⑵ 003 municipal government in the field of big data +, and form a huge industrial driving force with the comprehensive advantages of technology, capital, urban services, infrastructure, industrial development environment and so on. The completed Zhongding cloud big data Industrial Park will take big data resources as the core to attract all kinds of enterprises to settle in the park. After the enterprises in the park settle in, it will effectively attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the cloud computing industry. The settlement of all kinds of enterprises in the park will bring considerable economic and fiscal contributions to Guangyang District, Langfang city and even Hebei Province

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