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Qingdao found 8558 bottles of smoked fish cans packed in inferior gift boxes. Recently, law enforcement officials from Liuting industrial and Commercial Office of Qingdao Chengyang industrial and commercial branch reported that in Zhao village, Liuting street, the performance characteristics of energy and tenacity are just beginning to alleviate these two pressures. Lightweight has gradually become an important label for new cars. A nest for illegally manufacturing and selling inferior smoked fish cans was found in the plant, The law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with 563 boxes of smoked fish cans packaged in gift boxes just processed, with a total of 8558 bottles. The law enforcement officers immediately seized them. In the face of sudden law enforcement officers, the person in charge of the factory confessed to the fact that the processed canned products were made of low-quality smoked fish

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long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites have become the preferred materials

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