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On demand CHINA2007 exhibition has attracted the attention of major printing and related industry associations

as the first professional exhibition and conference activity in China that is completely aimed at digital printing technology (including digital printing equipment, digital workflow, digital direct plate making and wide format output), on demand CHINA2007 exhibition has not only attracted the extensive attention of the majority of people in the printing industry, but also, Major printing and related industry associations also expressed great support for this exhibition. As one of the important supporting units of this exhibition, China Printing Technology Association will give full play to its rich industry resources to ensure the professional quality of the exhibition and conference. At the same time, the China Association of publishers 1 must pay attention to the conference, the printing machinery branch of the association, China Direct Mail Association, China Direct Marketing Association, China Photographers Association, Shanghai Printing Industry Association, Shanghai Light Printing Industry Association, Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Printing Arts Association, Beijing Printing Association, Tianjin Printing Technology Association, Hebei Printing Association, Liaoning Printing Technology Association, Jiangsu printing industry association Shandong printing association, Hubei Printing Association, Guangzhou publishing and printing industry association, Sichuan Printing Association, Shaanxi Printing Technology Association and Shenzhen printing industry association will also organize member groups to visit this exhibition to jointly seek the benign development of the printing market

in addition, a good exhibition, of course, is inseparable from the active participation of professional visitors. Since the preparation of the exhibition, the organizer has widely and effectively publicized the exhibition through media and means such as press conferences, print media, Internet, e-mail, industry associations and roadshows in key provinces and cities across the country. At present, the daily visit of on demand China 2007 official station is also the main direction of the development of automotive materials. The number of visitors has reached 800, and the pre login system for visitors has also been fully launched. Pre registered visitors can get the login form. With the printed registration form, you can exchange the admission certificate of the audience at the designated window opened by the exhibition ticket center for the login audience

at the same time, the pre registered visitors will receive the exhibition progress, highlights, exhibitor information, booth map, concurrent activity plan and on-site audience service introduction by email or fax from the organizing committee

in order to thank you for your support for on demand China 2007, the organizer specially launched an audience lottery. The speed control products to realize the moving beam of the experimental machine are:

Special Prize (1): intelligent one

first prize (2): iPod Nano MP3 one

Second Prize (3): iPod outer mine continuous downward shuttle MP3 one

all viewers who have pre login can participate in the lottery. Rich awards are waiting for you to get. Please log in immediately. Please pay attention to the official website for the details of the lottery

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