The hottest one again. Is this semi-trailer with s

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One more order! Is this semi-trailer with strong combination going to be popular

one more order! Is this semi-trailer with strong combination going to be popular

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in the early autumn, the sky in the southwest of the motherland is extraordinarily high and magnificent, and a batch of Lingyu powder tank semi trailers with yellow and white combinations are here J) experimental software: the Chinese Windows interface was successfully delivered

The annual output is 71million tons; The national average utilization rate of nitrogen fertilizer production capacity is about 90%

1. The first meeting shows extraordinary

according to experts, the customers of this batch of vehicles are one of the largest local bulk logistics companies. Because they have a stable supply of goods, they have high requirements for vehicle attendance and after-sales service. They have tried many brand tank cars before, and the effect is not ideal. As the customer operates in many industries, bulk logistics is only one of the sidelines. He is less energetic at ordinary times and is mainly managed by others. In order to avoid worries at home, he pays more attention to the quality of vehicles. Introduced by a friend, he got to know the local Lingyu dealer, who recommended him the high-end combination of shandeka tractor and Lingyu tanker. At the first meeting, customers were attracted by this product. After a short contact and understanding, they were very fond of the product

2 strong combination wins trust

shandeka tractor has the characteristics of high safety, high comfort and high intelligence, while Lingyu powder tanker is made of high-quality materials and lightweight. Please consult the sales manager of Jinan new era Gold Tester Co., Ltd. for specific technical problems about the zigzag strength testing machine of glass materials! The tank body, exquisite design, superior performance and perfect service are the best-selling products in the market. The high-end tractor and Lingyu classic powder tank semitrailer have won the hearts of customers at once. Years of experience tells him that this is the ideal product in his heart! The purchase contract for eight units was signed immediately. According to the actual transportation route and the trend of standardized products in the future, the tank cars of 45 and 35 square meters were selected for this batch of orders

3 ultimate experience another order

after the vehicle was delivered, the customer was very satisfied. Both the product performance and the sense of experience were excellent. He said that he would order another batch recently. "The jar will be yours in the future". This short sentence is not only the recognition of customers for Lingyu, but also the driving force for Lingyu to continuously develop and produce high-quality products. The customer has great influence in the local logistics and transportation market, and the delivery of this order will also play a good role in promoting the continuous hot sales of Lingyu brand in the local market

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