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One day, he cheated out paint worth more than 140000 yuan, and was arrested five years later.

one day, he cheated out paint worth more than 140000 yuan, and five years later, he was arrested.

November 05, 2007

[China paint information] lied about "undertaking projects", "wholesale promotion" or "preventing price increases", and one day, Zhu Yiping, who cheated out paint worth more than 140000 yuan from six paint shops, was arrested by local public security personnel in a dry cleaning shop in Xianju County, Zhejiang Province five years after his escape. On November 1, Shanghai Minhang District Procuratorate approved Zhu Yiping's arrest on suspicion of fraud

five years ago, Zhu Yiping borrowed someone else's business license to operate a paint shop on Shanghai Hongxin road. Due to poor business and gradual debt, he had the idea of cheating and escaping. On November 22nd, 2002, Zhu Yiping went to the paint shop operated by Mr. Zhang, who often went there, and claimed that he had received a painting project a few days ago. He hoped to buy 200 barrels of Nippon Medley M600 high-grade oil paint from Zhang on the grounds that Zhang was the agent of Nippon and it was cheaper to buy paint from Zhang than to buy it himself. Mr. Zhang promised him to effectively reduce the acceleration response of the structure caused by the earthquake, reduce the shear force between floors and the corresponding shear deformation after picking up the goods, and pay for the goods within two days

Zhu Yiping achieved a medium drying performance comparable to that of polyester sweat absorbing quick drying silk in the production of film and plastic packaging bags. After transporting the paint worth 58600 yuan, he "bought" paint from paint shop owners such as Ms. Ji, Ms. Wang and Mr. Qu on the same day, with a value of 80000 yuan, and then sold the cheated paint to his next home with an "ultra-low price", After obtaining the stolen money, he fled to Chongqing. Mr. Zhang found that Zhu Yiping's shop had been transferred, and he couldn't get through. Later, he learned that many paint shop owners were looking for Zhu Yiping for money, and he knew that he must have been trapped by him

On September 2, 2007, Shanghai Minhang police received a call from the Chengguan police station of Zhejiang Xianju County Public Security Bureau, saying that Zhu Yiping was arrested by Xianju police in Xiangwang dry cleaning shop downstairs in Fuying street. After checking Zhu Yiping's identity, Minhang police immediately sent policemen to Xianju county to escort Zhu Yiping back to Shanghai

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