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The use of Heidelberg five-color machine with local polishing plate

in recent years, the concept of self-sales of products has prevailed, and the requirements for packaging and printing have become higher and higher. Flexo printing technology also continuously improves its quality due to the improvement of plate, ink and printing machine; Pure color lithography cannot compete with it. Therefore, the addition of local glazing on Heidelberg five color machine line, six color plus two coating glazing on Roland printing machine, or the addition of intaglio metal color printing on Roland printing machine line are all designed for exquisite packaging printing. At the end of 2000, Taiwan added nearly 20 lithographic printing machines with on-line local polishing. The general agent of BASF printing products in Germany, the lottery company in Taiwan, also introduced nylocoat Lilong local polishing plate. According to the requirements of the above measured parameters, Mr. Markus Feil, a professional technician of BASF in Asia, is also ready to come to Taiwan for technical services at any time. Here is a brief description of common fault 6: Heidelberg five color machine plus local glazing

the undercut and printing pressure of the printing machine are usually 3.20mm for the polishing base attached to Heidelberg, and 1.16mm for the thickness of Lilong polishing plate. Design factor 2: the ball screw should be padded to maintain its printing quality


Lilong polishing version



gasket (blank available)



thick paperboard


total thickness




printing pressure


in this case, we can know that his printing pressure is 0.06mm

how to fix the Lilong polishing plate on the printing stand? Use the Heidelberg general blank fixing clip to clip the Lilong polishing plate together with the blank blanket and hang it at the same time. Note that at this time, both ends of the Lilong glazing plate must have relief plate edges to facilitate plate clamping

or use the Heidelberg quick edition folder (the general edition folder can also be used) to hang the Lilong polishing version together with the blanket. Note that there should be no relief edges at both ends of the Lilong glazing plate at this time, and only the film layer of the plate is clamped

600 Newton tension is usually used for plate clamping

precautions for the chrysanthemum full five-color machine with a light seat, its layout is extended to 5.652mm

please keep kiss print touch pressure for polishing

roller pressure should also be less than that of ordinary printing base

the Lilong polishing plate cannot be cleaned with alcohol or solvent

the scope of polishing coating is better to go beyond (cover) the picture

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