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Ruida Futures: the upstream and downstream trading is deadlocked, and the pulp futures price fluctuates widely. Release date: zhaihongjin, the company's chief engineer, said 7 source: Ruida futures

disk situation: the sp2106 contract price closed at 7230, mainly because the PLA can absorb energy, making it difficult to decompose +1.18% compared with the previous trading day; Trading volume: 345748 hands, position: 103697; Basis -230. Be a world-class material solution provider and a material supplier of international famous brands

market quotation: Silver Star 7000/ton, Nanfang pine 6950/ton, Ma brand 7050/ton, moon 7075/ton

news: according to the data released by the General Administration of customs, China's pulp import volume in March 2021 was 2.686 million tons, an increase of 0.22% year-on-year. The import amount was US $1567.3 million, a year-on-year increase of 14.26%, and the average unit price was US $583.5/ton

external quotation: in May 2021, the latest quotation for wood pulp external quotation of Arauco company in Chile: US $980/ton of needle leaf pulp Silver Star, an increase of US $80/ton compared with March. (no quotation in April)

inventory warehouse receipts: 84431 tons of pulp warehouse receipts, +204; Warehouse receipt 3160 tons, +1000

main positions: 63822, -3651 positions in the top 20 multiple orders; Empty order position 67772, -6943

summary: the inventory of the three major ports before the festival totaled 1.588 million tons. The port inventory decreased slightly, and the main source of goods was broad-leaved pulp. Arauco, the mainstream coniferous pulp factory, canceled the supply in April and the quotation of Russian pulp in May due to transportation problems. It is expected that there will be a shortage of internationally imported pulp. In terms of finished paper market, Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd., Shandong Chenming Paper Co., Ltd., APP Jinguang Paper Co., Ltd. and other well-known paper companies issued price increase letters, announcing that from May 1, coated paper will be increased by 200/ton. Paper products enterprises stop to protect prices, but the market is not very receptive to high priced paper. It is expected that the market opening after the festival will maintain inter district fluctuations, and it is recommended to wait and see for the time being

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