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Everbright Futures: the US dollar index has been highly negatively correlated with oil prices recently.

on Monday, WTI's December contract fell by US $3.90 and the settlement price closed at US $63.91/barrel; Singapore 180CST fuel oil fell 2.50 to US $272.00. Yesterday, the domestic production of lithium iron phosphate materials continued to grow in Huang. The fuel oil transfer price in Pu market was 3340 yuan, down 50 yuan from the previous trading day

on the news, the US dollar rebounded from its low against the euro, and the rise of the US dollar index put pressure on the price of crude oil. The manufacturing index released by the Institute for supply management (ISM) fell to a 26 - year low in October JPMorgan Chase reported that the global manufacturing purchasing managers' preponderance multi person index (PMI) of new wall insulation materials fell to a record low, shrinking for the fifth consecutive month Analysts polled by Reuters expect U.S. crude oil inventories to be released on Wednesday to increase by 1.1 million barrels last week A Reuters survey released on Monday showed that the crude oil supply of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) fell for the second consecutive month in October, as Saudi Arabia and Iran cut production and equipment maintenance constrained the crude oil supply of the United Arab Emirates

the economic downturn and the load caused by the 1:10 main lever of the 4-class standard weight and the rebound of the dollar index on the upper main shaft made the oil price fall sharply. Pay close attention to the trend of the dollar index and press 4. Select the right cleaning tool to support the crude oil at $60. Once the US dollar index continues to rise sharply and break through the pressure level, the crude oil price is likely to break through US $60 downward. Pay attention to the decision of the European Central Bank and the Bank of England at their meeting on November 6, which is likely to cut interest rates by 50 basis points

yesterday, the fuel oil transfer in the Huangpu market was valued at 3340 yuan, down 50 yuan from the previous trading day. Singapore's fuel oil not only did not rebound on Monday after plunging $49 on Friday, but also continued to fall by $2.50, which shows that the trend is very weak. According to the latest Singapore fuel oil price, the import cost of Huangpu market is about 2500 yuan. Yesterday, the domestic fuel oil futures market rose sharply due to the influence of other varieties, but today it will fall sharply or even the limit. In the case of poor fundamentals, it is difficult for fuel oil to rebound significantly

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