The use of recycled paper in the UK will increase

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The use of recycled paper in the UK will increase significantly

due to a research project initiated by the waste resources action plan (wrap), the use of recycled paper in the UK will increase significantly

this project will investigate the opportunities and obstacles of using recycled paper in British magazine publishing industry and printing industry. The main purpose is to give publishers information and confidence, so as to expand their use of recycled paper in appropriate bibliographies. If successful, this work can help stimulate demand and increase the content of recycled paper in the magazine publishing industry, and can also encourage further investment in recycled magazine paper factories

supported by wrap, this work is implemented in two stages. The first stage will collect the basic information of available paper, compare the existing printing and publishing experience, and consult the solution: the controller crashes: restart the controller to determine whether the current bibliography type has potential suitability and identify opportunities for business attempts. If enough potential is found in the first stage, the second stage will conduct demonstration and commercial scale experiments and case studies

pira international was appointed to carry out the first phase of the project on the traditional racing engine under the leadership of the steering group representing the association of magazine publishers. Publishers, paper federations, printers and paper mills will ensure a huge industry data input

the British consumer market now consumes more than 1.3 billion magazines per year (except newspaper supplements). Although it is estimated that less than 2/3 of them use recycled ingredients, publishers are still interested in it. At present, the 6 contracts between the two parties have been signed and the work has begun. The first phase of the project ends this month, and the results will be announced soon

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