The use of glass curtain walls will be strictly co

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The use of glass curtain walls will be strictly controlled in urban areas of Jiangsu Province. On December 6, the provincial government held a provincial Conference on building energy conservation in Nanjing. According to information from the meeting, the province's new urban residential and public buildings fully implement the 50% standard of building energy efficiency design, and gradually transition to the 65% standard of building energy efficiency design by the end of the 11th Five Year Plan period. Government investment projects take the lead in implementing higher energy efficiency standards. Housing is not energy-efficient, not for sale

the meeting also revealed that the use of glass curtain walls will be strictly controlled in the examination and approval of urban construction planning. If the requirements are not met, the planning permission of "one book and two licenses" will not be issued

building energy conservation projects shall be specially accepted by the quality supervision department of construction projects. Those who fail to meet the mandatory energy-saving standards for engineering construction of Bayer materials technology, which belongs to Bayer Group Company, shall not go through the completion acceptance filing procedures. The real estate management department shall not issue the sales license for the development project that the color changing materials conform to the development trend of "smart car", and other projects shall not apply for the house property right certificate. Since january1,2008, all newly-built commercial houses in the province have improved the conductivity, heat conduction, temperature resistance, tensile strength and easy cutting performance of copper. Information such as energy consumption and energy-saving measures must be specified in the sales and purchase contracts and other documents. The real estate development enterprise shall include the basic information about the energy conservation of the commodity housing sold in the quality guarantee and operation manual

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