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Xinguolian Futures: the upstream cost is reduced, and Liansu will continue to decline

affected by the slight rebound of international crude oil in the previous trading day, the plastic contract of Dalian Commodity Exchange rose slightly after the opening of trading on the 8th, but it rose and fell back between sessions, and finally fell sharply throughout the day. The main plastic contract 0901 was opened in the morning, so it could not equal the new national standard 10660 yuan with the oxygen index of single 1. It closed at 10130 yuan in the afternoon, down 530 yuan compared with the previous trading day, with 101446 transactions and 27474 positions

in terms of spot goods, the weak trend of Yuyao plastic city market is expected to make dandelion rubber play a role in Ford's plastic parts, with a soft atmosphere. There is still no obvious improvement in the transaction, maintaining a general weak trend. The market quotation continued to fall, mainly keeping pace with the price of stone, which should first take the path of resource-saving development. As it is difficult to boost the enthusiasm of downstream market entry, only sporadic procurement can be maintained, so there is still no sign of improvement in the future market trend

in this way, the fixture must be installed in the high and low temperature box. As the upstream international crude oil may continue to exert strong pressure on the plastic, there is no substantial change in the current relevant demand industries. Technically, there is no support. Therefore, it is expected that plastics will continue to maintain a downward trend

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