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The urgency of brand accumulation in China's packaging industry after China's entry into WTO

we can observe and strongly feel that great changes have taken place in China, especially in Shanghai, in recent years. Shanghai's per capita income (GDP) has exceeded 4500 US dollars, ranking first in China. From a long-term perspective, China's entry into WTO will have a positive impact on China, which will fundamentally change China's economic and even political pattern, and make China truly move towards democracy, prosperity and strength. "The road to WTO is the road to a powerful country". Chinese packaging enterprises are bound to cause their own self-examination and reform, introduce resources to break through barriers, and finally realize the glorious dream of changing from a "big packaging country" to a "powerful packaging country" due to the huge pressure of the input of advanced resources such as foreign ideas, technologies, management, marketing, equipment, talents, etc

however, this transformation cannot be completed by a single enterprise or enterprises acting independently. If we can form a national and even international packaging industry center in a specific ideal area in an accumulation mode, just like the Silicon Valley in the United States, we will gather the elites and powerful enterprises in the whole industry here to carry out large-scale production, processing, international marketing, procurement, trade, office, communication and discussion facing the world, and carry out conferences, exhibitions and seminars for various packaging related enterprises Systematic, professional, digital and international services such as design, education and training, information network, e-commerce, packaging and logistics, finance, talents and law, and the formation of a comprehensive industrial base integrating science, industry, trade, production, learning and research can fundamentally solve this problem. It is against this background of industry demand, and it is under such omni-directional and multi angle thinking that China's comprehensive packaging and printing industry base and the first industry central business district in China - Shanghai International Packaging and printing city came into being. Professor yinxiangshuo, deputy director of the Department of world economics and doctoral supervisor of Fudan University, was quoted as saying: "this model and effect of Shanghai International Packaging and printing city is similar to that of Silicon Valley in the United States."

in addition, from the perspective of the development strategy of China's packaging industry after China's accession to the WTO, the formation of an international packaging industry center serving the whole industry and communicating with domestic and foreign countries means that China has a big brand that competes with strong foreign packaging enterprises, and means that every packaging and printing enterprise, industry association, media organization and other IT companies, consulting companies, logistics companies that provide supporting services for the packaging industry in the center Advertising companies, exhibition companies, law firms, packaging industry design companies and so on all have a global operation platform for scale sharing, business sharing, information sharing, policy sharing, service sharing and brand sharing. This kind of sharing, which comes from the accumulation of enterprises, in turn enables enterprises to truly realize the shortest production and marketing process, the minimization of enterprise costs and the maximization of economic benefits

here, enterprises can not only display and trade products all year round, but also obtain first-hand packaging and printing information at the first time; Here, enterprises can not only receive international businessmen and friends in their beautiful offices, but also enjoy new customers every day, even every month and every week because of the exhibitions and various exchange meetings held here; Here, enterprises can not only learn management from other excellent enterprises and overseas enterprises, but also allow themselves and all employees to participate in chrome plating and various trainings all year round, so as to improve the overall level of the enterprise; Here, only by converting the salty waste water produced by the polycarbonate plant into reused salt water can the enterprise reduce the time and financial cost to the greatest extent, attract the talents you need the fastest, radiate and occupy the East China market to the greatest extent, and open the international market most effectively. As Shanghai International can add catalyst according to the size of components to further shorten the curing time, the packaging and printing city is becoming more and more famous at home and abroad. We can predict that in the near future, an international packaging industry with large scale, internationalization, diversification, specialization and branding will emerge in the East of China and the first metropolis in the Far East: Shanghai. His success will not only drive the reform and prosperity of China's packaging and printing industry, but also provide the most practical reference and Enlightenment for other industries on how to deal with WTO and meet globalization

source: speech at the annual meeting of the national flexible packaging technology information center (excerpt)

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