The utilization of the hottest raw materials must

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The use of raw materials must be sustainable

in all uses of plastics and polystyrene, the safety aspect cannot be ignored. Slat wrote in his blog: "based on the experience and lessons we have learned from the test this month, manufacturers try their best to improve the overall safety of their products to the environment and to consumers. It is particularly important to solve the problem of the growing global amount of plastic waste. Patricia vanghe of plastics Europe focuses on key interior parts such as seats and instrument panels (interior trim panels) Luwe emphasized this point. She said that plastic should not be treated as garbage because it is a valuable material and should be treated seriously

her hope is also the hope of all discussion experts. We should repeatedly emphasize the benefits of plastics for today and the future. Fundamentally speaking, for a certain product, you must find the best material. No matter what kind of material will be selected in the end, it must be the most sustainable material. Plastic is one of the materials with excellent sustainability

the statement is worth looking forward to:

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