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Nanning Marco Polo ceramic tiles and Yimeijia ceramic tiles, one of the top ten brands, visit

it is not easy to buy ceramic tiles when decorating a house. For many novices who know nothing about building materials, it is the most reliable solution to choose some big brands that have been in business for a long time, have a good reputation, and have a large factory production base. Today, Xiaobian will bring you to know a company that has been producing for more than ten years Yimeijia ceramic tile, a professional ceramic tile brand with sales experience, let's see what Yimeijia ceramic tile is like through various news materials and use experience

figure: Yimeijia Ceramics Co., Ltd., No. 10, 1st floor, building 9, 3D Building Materials City, fast ring building materials market, was established in 2004 as a high-tech enterprise. It also has three production bases in Zhaoqing and Deqing in Foshan, Guangdong, covering a total area of 650 mu, and has more than 10 world-class ceramic production lines

in terms of popularity, Yimeijia ceramics may not be as well-known as Dongpeng ceramic tile and Oushennuo ceramic tile, one of the top ten brands. However, Yimeijia ceramic tile is positioned in the mid-range market, and its quality is not inferior to the top ten brands, but it is also more likely to win. Under the condition of not losing to the top ten brands at all, it will give customers the most favorable price, and adhere to the quality of creating a livable life. In recent years, it has also become famous and gradually recognized by the majority of consumers, Now let's take a look at the report on Yimeijia ceramic tiles with the editor

Yimeijia hot line: 0771-3959710 0771-3380860

the following content is from the South China Morning Post 2015.6.19 Edition: Yimeijia ceramics, a Guangdong ceramic tile brand established for 11 years, officially entered Nanning at the beginning of this year. In the Guangxi ceramic market, which has long been famous, what is the excellence of such an unknown new brand? With what "skills" to conquer consumers? Recently, reporters from mainstream media such as Nanguo Morning Post and Nanning TV station went to Zhaoqing, Guangdong Province to visit Yimeijia factory, a small but powerful ceramics enterprise

the annual output of large ceramic factories reaches 40million square meters

when buying ceramic tiles, many decoration owners like to choose Guangdong bricks, because Guangdong bricks are of good quality and have a good reputation. On June 12, reporters from mainstream media in Nanning visited Yimeijia ceramics, a Guangdong construction ceramics enterprise with the highest scale and strength

Guangdong Foshan Yimeijia Ceramics Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, has three production bases in Zhaoqing and Deqing, covering a total area of 650 mu, with an annual output of more than 40 million square meters. Its production and marketing capacity ranks in the forefront of the national building ceramics industry. It is also one of the few large high-tech enterprises with independent research and development of Microcrystalline stone, full glaze and ultra crystalline stone

I don't know. This enterprise has won many honors, including "famous trademark of Guangdong Province", "famous brand in China's building materials industry", "China's environmental protection products", "recommended products for China's engineering construction", and so on

figure: Yimeijia ceramics flagship store, building D2, fast ring building materials market

when you buy ceramic tiles, you need to buy large factory bricks

Yimeijia ceramics has more than 10 world-class ceramic production lines. In Zhaoqing production base, the reporter saw that the workshop was spacious and bright, and the assembly line automation operation was in progress in an orderly manner. When entering the firing workshop, the temperature soared, and a "Big Mac" like a train carriage appeared in front of us. It turned out that this was the key equipment for firing ceramic tiles - the kiln. The person in charge of the production base proudly introduced, "the key to the quality of ceramic tiles depends on the kiln. This is the latest roller kiln put into production by Yimeijia. It has high technical content and is in a leading position in the industry."

the roller kiln in Yimeijia factory is 350 meters long, and the time for each piece of ceramic tile to pass through the kiln during firing is 75 minutes, which fully meets the process requirements of high temperature, slow burning and burning to the core. Small manufacturers usually only have kilns of about 200 meters, and the average time for each brick to pass through is only 30-50 minutes when firing. The temperature is not high enough, and the embryo body cannot be burned thoroughly. The ceramics produced are prone to different overall density, internal stress, increasing the possibility of fracture and cutting loss

"ceramic tiles are durable goods, so we must choose high-quality ones, otherwise it will bring trouble to home life." According to manager Jian of Yimeijia group, many consumers choose big brands without knowing the quality of ceramic tiles, because big brand ceramic tiles often come from large self-made ceramic factories, and the quality is definitely better than those produced by small factories. Of course, the price will be more expensive

then what kind of scale and strength can be called a big pottery factory? First of all, having industry-leading mechanical equipment, manufacturing technology and high-quality products are the prerequisites for a large factory. Yimeijia ceramics introduces a full set of SACMI equipment from Italy and cricreateprine equipment from Spain, as well as the standards and experience of OEM for high-end ceramic brands in Europe and North America for many years, and treats its products with the perfect pursuit of art

second, as a large enterprise, it should not only have the mentality of chasing profits or manufacturing good products, but also consider more about social responsibility. In recent years, Yimeijia ceramics has been advocating green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction. It not only spends a lot of money to introduce new environmental protection technologies and actively reduce energy consumption and emissions in the production process, but also tests the health and environmental protection of each batch of ceramic tiles that leave the factory, meeting the environmental protection standards set by the state or even higher than the national requirements

figure: Yimeijia flagship store on the second floor of building D2 in the fast ring building materials market does not pursue high prices, but wants to be the king of cost performance

Yimeijia has a big gene, and naturally has products that are not inferior to the first-line quality, but the price of this brand is low. Whether it is polished bricks, glazed bricks or microcrystalline jade tiles, its market positioning is at least half cheaper than that of big brands. Why is this

for this problem, the relevant person in charge of Yimeijia group explained that the brand invested less in product channels, such as advertising, roadshows, celebrity spokesmen, and so on, and did not invest the corresponding costs. Instead, it invested more in technical equipment, R & D and production reform, and improved its own technology. It can be said that it is not a brand enterprise, but a quality enterprise. The benefits of doing so are also obvious. We can give more profits to consumers and buy more affordable products

big brand quality, people-friendly price, deeply welcomed by decoration owners

Ms. Wei, the owner of Nanning hanlinshan water source community, said on the phone that she was preparing to buy ceramic tiles for the decoration of her new house. She saw several ceramic tiles such as Dongpeng Oushennuo, one of the top ten brands in the building materials market, and felt that the quality was good, but the price was too high for ordinary families to afford; Yimeijia ceramic tile is a big factory brick. Its quality is equal to that of big brand bricks. The quality is guaranteed, but the price is very close to the people, which changes her idea of choosing bricks

there are many owners like Ms. Wei, who want to know the brick selection strategy. Linliangbo, head of Yimeijia ceramics in Nanning, said that before decoration owners buy Tiles, they should first determine the type of tiles. At present, the mainstream ceramic tiles in the market mainly include polished tiles, glazed tiles and microcrystalline stones. Among them, glazed tiles have rich patterns, natural textures and better decorative effects than polished tiles. Their prices are higher than polished tiles and lower than microcrystalline stones. Families with economic strength may choose glazed tiles or microcrystalline jade when decorating. Top ten brands 800mm × The price of 800mm full glazed ceramic tiles is as low as twoorthree yuan, and as high as more than one thousand yuan. Yimeijia full glazed tiles of the same specification are half cheaper than the top ten brands in Nanning. The quality of big brands and the price close to the people are the most suitable for many decoration owners in Nanning

when choosing ceramic tiles, owners may wish to use several simple tricks. First, look at the embryo from the side, and the embryo is white as the top grade; The second is to look at the hardness of ceramic tiles, which is particularly important, and will directly affect the service life of ceramic tiles. You can use the method of knocking and listening to the sound. The crisp sound indicates that the internal quality is good, and it is not easy to deform and break. You can also tilt the tiles, stand up and use the weight of the human body to test whether their hardness is qualified. Tiles with high hardness and good quality have stronger bearing capacity; The third is to see whether there is a formal manufacturer and whether there is a certificate. Generally speaking, the products that meet the technical standards have a certificate of conformity issued by the state

when choosing ceramic tiles, owners also pay special attention to the quality of ceramic tiles. Glazed tiles with high hardness and good quality will not crack and break easily, and will not be damaged for decades. They are durable. In order to let the owner see the hardness of Yimeijia's tiles, four clerks stood on an inclined tile one by one, only to see that the tile could fully bear the weight of these four people

figure: Nanguo morning post, June 26th, 2015, Yimeijia hotline: 0771-3959710

well, I believe that consumers have also seen this and have a deep understanding of the quality and positioning of Yimeijia ceramics. So where are Yimeijia ceramics sold in Nanning, Please listen to the editor for you.

Guangxi Yimeijia ceramics in Nanning:

Xiuxiang Avenue fast ring building materials market, building D2, 2nd floor.

Sales Hotline: 0771-3959710 QQ: 2758949510

Xiuxiang Avenue, No. 10, 1st floor, building 9, ASEAN International 3D building materials city.

Sales Hotline: 0771-3380860

???? The "Marco Polo" brand was born in 1996. As the earliest branded ceramic brand in China, it occupies the market with "cultural ceramics" and enjoys the reputation of "supreme antique brick". It was selected as one of the top ten ceramic brands in China in 2013 by China ceramic sanitary ware brand network, and it is the brand with the most complete series of ceramic products in China. The enterprise has more than 380 patents. Its original design - "impression of China" series products, which are independently developed, show the essence of Chinese traditional culture on ceramic tiles and guide the wind of design to return to Oriental Zen charm, have attracted extensive attention from consumers and experts at home and abroad. Marco Polo has built more than 1800 franchised stores at home and abroad, and has three-dimensional marketing networks such as tooling, home decoration, supermarkets and e-commerce. His products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. He is a strategic cooperative brand of many design institutes and a major building material supply brand for the Olympic Games. He entered the WorldExpo in 2010. "Marco Polo" ceramic tile, the perfect combination of Chinese millennium ceramic art and Italian decorative art, is known as the "complete collection of personalized decorative art". The brand was born at the end of 1996. It is the earliest branded ceramic brand in China. In its early stage, it mainly produces matte, antique and personalized products. Under the guidance of the marketing idea of "small market, large share", it occupies a very high market share and enjoys the reputation of the supreme brand of antique bricks. The products have been expanded to the types of interior wall tiles, ceramic polished tiles, ceramic matt tiles, ceramic wavy tiles, manual texture decorative tiles, etc., becoming one of the building ceramics brands with the widest product line, comprehensively practicing the fashion of ceramic tiles, and becoming a strategic cooperative brand of many design institutes. "Marco Polo" ceramic tile is a strong brand under Aesthetic ceramics. It has not only established more than 1000 exclusive stores and more than 80 flagship stores in China, but also has three-dimensional marketing networks such as tooling, home decoration, supermarkets and e-commerce. Its products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, and has built 20 overseas standard image exclusive stores, creating a precedent for the internationalization of domestic independent brands, Achieve the goal of "strong terminal, professional marketing, top three in the industry and world brand" for Marco Polo tiles





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