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Decorating a house is inevitable. In addition to asking carpenters to make large pieces of furniture, there are also some basic carpentry jobs, such as door jambs, window jambs, etc. Each kind of furniture needs to use different types of wood boards. Consumers need to do their homework in advance and master the performance and function of various boards, so that they can choose the right materials when doing carpentry

for several common carpentry jobs such as various wardrobe, window cover, door cover, cabinet tatami, etc., the editor recommends a cheap, environmentally friendly and healthy wood board for your reference:

1, wardrobe, ceiling - what wood board is used to make wardrobe and ceiling

recommended product: Xinte plate — 18mmeo cedar fingerboard

product specification: 1220*2440*18mm

product grade: top grade

environmental protection grade: E0 ≤ 0.5mg/l

reference price: 192.00 yuan/sheet

Xinte plate — 18mmeo grade cedar fingerboard

comments: Xinte fir fingerboard is a new material made of old Chinese Fir with accessories, which is dried and then processed by fingering, planing, splicing, twice sanding, etc. the product has the characteristics of good flatness, small color, light weight, low moisture content, not easy to crack and not easy to deform. It is suitable for all kinds of cabinets, table panels, ceiling shapes and furniture that need painting





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