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As a new type of household kitchen appliance, the integrated stove integrates the functions of range hood, gas stove, disinfection cabinet, storage cabinet, steam box and so on. With the advantages of personalization, diversification, high space utilization, perfect lampblack effect, energy conservation and environmental protection, it has attracted many consumers nowadays

recently, Cohen kitchen appliances launched a new type of integrated stove D26, which combines fashionable appearance with many intelligent designs. The smoke machine adopts black crystal explosion-proof glass smoke guide plate and a 30 degree inclination design, which can not only prevent kowtowing, but also greatly improve the smoke inlet speed. There is no end to innovation. The Cohen integrated stove D26 adopts the original Austenitic 304 stainless steel integrated design, and the entire surface of the smoke collecting chamber is free of barbs and rivets, completely eliminating the body rust, oil leakage and oil leakage. There is no second one in the core process industry, so it can really be used for a lifetime. Cohen integrated stove is exquisite in every detail. The arc universal smoke guide device can easily change the left and right air outlets in 5 seconds, so as to never rust and prevent oil leakage, and the operation experience is better; The double-layer superposition structure condensing wall accelerates the smoke inlet speed by 15%, and the oil separation degree is as high as 97%; You don't feel choking and smoking when frying dry pepper. The effect is excellent

safety is above all else. The Cohen integrated stove D26 is equipped with a sensitive firewall design. During cooking, when the temperature of the smoke chamber exceeds 90 ℃, the machine will automatically cut off the gas and power to ensure cooking safety. The knob switch is ergonomically designed, fashionable and atmospheric, with clear gears, excellent hand feel and a child lock, so you are no longer afraid of your baby entering the kitchen. The burner head of the gas appliance is made of German Siemens technology burner and aviation alloy, which is resistant to high temperature, deformation, oxidation and fading. Cohen integrated stove D26 is an integrated stove with a disinfection cabinet. It is disinfected by 360 ° ultraviolet light and releases ozone at the same time. After disinfection, it enters the drying mode, and the Trinity is more efficient. Domino modular bowl and basket, fully wrapped, with cutting hands, beautiful appearance

every detail you care about, we are working hard. A more intimate design and a more perfect function are the commitment of Coen people to the products. As an expert in the quality of kitchen electricity in a full range of categories, Coen appliances will be down-to-earth and will create a safe, reliable and comfortable kitchen life for 30 million families across the country with better quality and excellent performance





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