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If someone lives on the first floor, there will be many convenient and inconvenient places. For example, there is no need to climb the building, for example, it is convenient to go out, but there will also be low security, relatively humid and so on. So, how to damp proof the decoration of the first floor? Don't worry, let's have a look

how to prevent moisture in the decoration of the first floor of the house

1. Intermittent ventilation

the afternoon is the best time. In rainy days, close the doors and windows facing south or southeast to reduce water vapor entering the room. At noon, the air humidity outside is at the highest value, so windows should not be opened. Windows should be opened in the afternoon or evening, when the climate is relatively dry, to regulate the indoor air

2. Lime absorbs moisture

on rainy days, quicklime can be wrapped in cloth or gunny bags and placed indoors to keep the indoor air dry

3. Air conditioning dehumidification

is simpler than the first two methods, but it consumes electricity. It is recommended to use other environmental protection and moisture-proof methods to save energy

4. Hygroscopic box

essential for dehumidification of wardrobe. The common hygroscopic products in the market generally contain calcium chloride particles as the main content, and most of them also add essence ingredients, so they integrate dehumidification, aroma, mold resistance, deodorization and other functions. Moisture absorption box is mostly used for moisture absorption of wardrobe and shoe cabinet. When using, just put it in the cabinet

5. Hygroscopic bag

confined space has the best effect. The principle of the hygroscopic bag is similar to that of the hygroscopic box, but the content is mainly water absorbent resin, which becomes jelly like after absorbing water and is not easy to scatter into fragments. It is also used in a wider range. In addition to clothes, leather goods, stamps, cameras, pianos, computers, video and audio can be asked to help with dehumidification. If placed in a closed space, the moisture absorption effect is better

the above brief introduction about how to damp proof the decoration of the first floor is here. I hope it will be helpful to you. Please look forward to more information





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