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Chinese furniture is often based on nature, such as wood, stone, especially wood, which has been a symbol of Chinese style simplicity since ancient times. The frequent use of bright colors and the appropriate collocation of glass, stainless steel, solid wood and rock make the overall decorative effect more spiritual, and let the classical beauty penetrate the years and linger around us

eye catching accessories desalinate dignified. The living room is a window to show home style. The new Chinese style living room doesn't pursue carving beams and painting buildings, and the walls can fall on the ground in four white without too much decoration. Matching the classical style are three person chairs, floor lamps, ceramics and walnut window lattice. Other furniture, such as sofa, coffee table interval, etc., can continue to follow the path of "Minimalism", while using brightly colored accessories to adjust the oppression of space and weaken the dignified overall feeling. In addition, placing a vigorous calligraphy in the living room can make the style of the room elegant and charming, and make the originally narrow space appear atmospheric and open

antique furniture is full of interest. It interprets the decorative elements of classical Chinese style in a modern way. The antique flavor of Chinese style is naturally connected with the simplicity and elegance of modern style, so that the practicality of life and the pursuit of ancient Zen rhyme can be met at the same time: under the light light, the carefully customized antique furniture and accessories, the Yellow Wallpaper of sofa wall and the Milky straight-line sofa together correspond to the main colors of red and yellow. The space division of the dining room and the living room adopts the combination of virtual and real Zen, and the design of artistic glass partition shows a vague light and shadow

appropriate white space adds more ancient charm. No matter the master bedroom, guest bedroom or study, there are no more furniture and complex functional areas. It is not so much a room as a leisure area. The elegant life of ancient literati immediately followed suit only by placing the Taishi chair and table for reading or chatting in the blank space. If you match the exquisite carved desk and the arhat bed by the window, you can create an accumulation of Chinese traditional culture; The bed collapse with concise lines and modern temperament is like giving people a visual blank, making the bedroom distinctive. Light up a palace lamp in the sleeping area in the twilight, and have a broad view of ancient and modern times. The charm of it is self-evident





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