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Li Keqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Premier of the State Council, presided over a symposium in Zhongnanhai on the afternoon of the 3rd to "feel the pulse" of the current economic situation with experts, scholars and business leaders, and discuss the next step of economic development In depth discussions and exchanges on macroeconomic policies. Li Keqiang said that to build an upgraded version of China's economy, we should not only strengthen support for new formats and industries, but also devote ourselves to "tapping the potential and opening up wasteland" of traditional industries, and cultivate and develop the "double engines" of economic growth

On the afternoon of September 3, Li Keqiang walked quickly into the symposium site located in the first conference room of the State Council, 5 minutes ahead of the original meeting time. After shaking hands with the scholars and entrepreneurs present one by one, Li Keqiang explained frankly the purpose of the Asahi Kasei project settled in Changshu new materials Industrial Park and invited everyone to come to have a discussion

Li Keqiang said: "Now entering November, it is the end of the year. We should consider the economic work of next year according to the overall economic situation and trend of this year. Today, we want to ask you for advice. Please give us your opinions and suggestions on the economic situation of this year, especially the macro-economic policy of next year. We have overcome many technical difficulties, such as high-precision directional control of large aperture antenna, performance testing and calibration technology of large aperture antenna, and correction and adjustment of antenna reflector."

not only economic experts from Peking University, Renmin University of China, Shanghai New Financial Research Institute and other academic institutions, but also heads of Zoomlion, China Merchants Bank, and other well-known enterprises were invited to attend the symposium. We talked about problems and put forward suggestions from the current situation of China's finance, import and export, the current situation of equipment manufacturing industry, the development of e-commerce industry and other aspects. Li Keqiang kept a record while listening, asking questions from time to time

Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, admitted to Li Keqiang that the enterprise is in the downward adjustment period of transformation and upgrading, facing problems such as weak market demand, overcapacity, declining profits and so on. Li Keqiang listened carefully to the "difficulties" of the enterprise and "made moves" for the development of the enterprise

Zhan Chunxin: at present, the problem faced by enterprises is that they are in a state of 'squeezing up and down and attacking back and forth'. The early production capacity of the enterprise is large and the equipment stock is large

Li Keqiang: how about the "going out" situation of enterprises

Zhan Chunxin: about 20%

Li Keqiang: it is very important for the equipment manufacturing industry to go global. Africa has a large demand. In a sense, your excess capacity is high-quality capacity. Using financial leasing can also drive local employment. "

unlike traditional enterprises such as Zoomlion, the heads of big data and e-commerce enterprises present here reported more to Li Keqiang on their experience of rapid growth. Among them, Liu qiangdong, CEO of JD group, introduced the rapid development of e-commerce in the rural market, which attracted Li Keqiang's attention

Liu qiangdong: an important reason for the high growth of e-commerce profits comes from rural areas. We have always neglected the consumption power of the rural market

Li Keqiang: is the profit growth of your enterprise in rural areas better than that in urban areas in the first half of the year

liuqiangdong: three times higher than the city. We conducted research in rural areas and found that as long as people buy in rural areas for more than half a year, more than 50% of their household consumption is in rural areas, far more than urban people

Li Keqiang: is express delivery smooth in rural areas

Liu qiangdong: JD self operated express delivery is available in every village in densely populated areas

Li Keqiang: you are not only expanding the market, but also promoting fairness. Rural people should also enjoy the same consumer services as urban people. "

How can traditional industries tap "new potential"? How can emerging formats release "new momentum"? During the more than two-hour symposium, Li Keqiang had in-depth exchanges and interactions with experts, scholars and business leaders on building a "new growth point" for China's economy. Li Keqiang stressed that we should not only vigorously support the development of new technologies, new models, new formats and new industries, but also "cultivate soil and fertilize" for them; We should also devote ourselves to "tapping the potential and opening up wasteland" in traditional industries and create a "double engine" for China's economy

Li Keqiang said: "E-commerce, small and micro enterprises and other new business forms will become the new 'engine' of China's economy, which can cultivate new growth power. But this does not mean that we do not pay attention to traditional industries. Isn't it better to 'merge all the product series of double Roell Amsler into the name of Zwick company located in Ulm, Germany' than 'single engine'? Traditional industries should 'old trees grow new buds', but new buds should grow into seedlings and towering trees. If there are two' engines', It will not only make the economic operation stable and safe, but also make it stable and far-reaching. "

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