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Li Ka Shing regained the richest man in Asia, Ma Yun and Wang Jianlin ranked second and third respectively

Li Ka Shing regained the richest man in Asia with a value of US $29.4 billion, Ma Yun ranked second with us $29.1 billion, and Wang Jianlin ranked third with us $24.8 billion. 10 days ago, data released by Bloomberg billionaire index showed that 50 year old Ariba aggravated the foam of the RMB. Ma Yun, the founder of Alibaba, has surpassed 86 year old Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka Shing to become the new richest man in Asia. However, 10 days later, the statistics of the 3D model index, which can produce high-intensity and accurate 3D models through laser 3D printing technology, showed that Li Ka Shing regained the richest man in Asia with a value of US $29.4 billion, Ma Yun ranked second with us $29.1 billion, and Wang Jianlin ranked third with US $24.8 billion

since April 2012, Li Ka Shing has been firmly seated as the richest man in Asia. With the sharp rise in Alibaba's share price after its listing in the second half of this year, Alibaba's market value has reached US $259billion, even more than Amazon and eBay combined, and only lags behind eight companies in the S & P 500 index. This has increased the wealth of Jack Ma, who owns 6.3% of Alibaba, by $25billion. According to the data of Bloomberg on the 12th of this month, Ma Yun's total wealth at that time reached $28.6 billion, while Li Ka Shing's total wealth was $28.3 billion in the same period, losing the position of Asia's richest man for the first time in two years

According to the statistics of Bloomberg at that time, Li Ka Shing's wealth has decreased by $1.9 billion this year, mainly because the market value of some of his investments has shrunk. Ma Yun's wealth surpasses Li Jia's, but quality does not equal brand integrity. The latter also said in Hong Kong through a spokesman: Chinese young people are doing well, and I can only be happy about it. However, a spokesman for Alibaba declined to comment on Jack Ma's net assets

it is worth noting that Li Ka Shing, who has been selling properties in mainland China and Hong Kong recently, acquired land again in Hong Kong this week, and his Cheung Kong industrial group won the Deepwater Haitan project with HK $2.3 billion. This is also Li Ka Shing's first land acquisition in Hong Kong in recent two years. The last time was in November 2012, when Changshi acquired Baishi land in Ma'anshan with HK $2.9 billion. Two commercial and residential projects in Haitan street, deep water, Hong Kong were opened this week. Changshi group, which has not won the land for two years, successfully won the project by pressing the other eight consortiums. It is expected that it will be built into the second Fenghui in the region and will become the largest private building project in deepwater in recent years

in addition, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange also reported this week that Changshi Group invested HK $270Million to take shares in AVIC international, becoming the second largest shareholder of this AVIC holding enterprise. It is understood that Changjiang industry became its second largest shareholder by purchasing 450million shares of AVIC international for HK $0.6 per share over the counter, with a shareholding ratio of 9.74%

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