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Li & Fung China signs a contract with Meite CRM to accelerate the building of a top logistics chain

recently, Meite software signed a contract with Li & Fung supply chain management (China) Co., Ltd. to launch Meite CRM system to effectively use customer resources, improve customer satisfaction and increase profits

Li & Fung supply chain management (China) is subordinate to Li & Fung Group, and its logistics business is one of the three core businesses of Li & Fung Group in the world. Li & Fung Group, founded in Guangzhou in 1906, has developed into a leader in the global consumer goods supply chain management industry. In 2011, the company's three business modules trade, logistics and distribution, covering more than 40 economies around the world, with 29000 employees and a total turnover of more than 20billion US dollars. Li & Fung supply chain management (China) through its rich local market operation experience, we now provide services to more than 80 customers. On the contrary, it is unqualified, covering various industries such as clothing, fast-moving consumer goods, luxury goods and chemical industry. It has more than 40 advanced and convenient distribution centers, with a total area of more than 400000 square meters - covering 767 cities, Multimodal transport with more than 17000 delivery points - with customizable comprehensive and advanced information systems to support customer needs - is a leader in the field of clothing logistics

the implementation of CRM system by enterprises can meet my requirements from the perspective of supply chain. It can comprehensively understand and master the needs of customers, and help Li & Fung supply chain company provide timely and comprehensive services for this customer. Before, Li & Fung's management was difficult to obtain customer feedback due to lack of communication, which made it difficult for enterprises to grasp customer satisfaction. In addition, enterprises can not fully meet the needs of customers only based on the same service target, the mainstream of the steel raw material market is weak and stable, and individual markets are stable and positive in the face of different customers

Meite CRM system helps Li & Fung improve customer satisfaction. Enhance internal collaboration and staff efficiency. And transform the enterprise operation into a customer-oriented management mode, so as to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty and improve the service level. It is believed that under the guidance of Meite CRM, Li & Fung will eventually continue to expand the market scale, and will focus on customers and provide customers with more perfect services

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