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Li Keqiang: speed up the "going out" of Chinese equipment

Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on January 28 and deployed to speed up the "going out" of Chinese equipment such as railway, nuclear power and building materials production lines, promote international production capacity cooperation and improve the level of cooperation. Premier Li Keqiang presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on January 28, and deployed to speed up the export of Chinese equipment such as railways, nuclear power and building materials production lines, promote international production capacity cooperation and improve the level of cooperation; Determine policies and measures to support the development of maker space and build a new platform for entrepreneurship and innovation

the meeting held that docking with the construction and development needs of relevant countries, promoting the export of China's major equipment and advantageous production capacity through government promotion and enterprise leadership, using business models, carrying out production capacity cooperation, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results are not only important opportunities to expand international investment and economic and trade cooperation, but also an important starting point for the optimization and upgrading of domestic industries. The meeting determined that the first is to vigorously explore the international market of major equipment such as railway and nuclear power, integrate industry resources, create 4. End the experiment of a new foreign cooperation mode, explore the adoption of joint ventures, public-private partnerships and other investment and operation methods, provide all-round services such as engineering design consulting, construction, equipment supply, operation and maintenance for countries in need, and explore the third-party market through international cooperation. Second, focusing on steel, nonferrous metals, building materials, light textile and other industries, and in response to the needs of the international market, support enterprises to use domestic equipment to build upstream and downstream supporting production lines overseas, so as to realize the export of products, technologies and compliance standards. Third, win more successful investment through foreign project contracting and foreign investment, and consolidate the export of complete sets of equipment such as communications, electricity, engineering machinery and ships. Support enterprises' overseas mergers and acquisitions, establish overseas R & D centers, etc., and improve their transnational business capabilities. Fourth, improve support policies. We should make good use of existing policies such as special funds for foreign economic and trade development, and support a number of major projects in the long run. In accordance with market principles, we should expand the channels for the use of foreign exchange reserves, support enterprises to raise funds by issuing stocks or bonds at home and abroad, give play to the role of policy finance as a tool to press into the surface of the tested materials under a fixed load, and provide reasonable financing convenience for major equipment and advantageous production capacity to go global

fifth, strengthen overall planning and supporting. We will strengthen the supervision of overseas investment, standardize the business order of enterprises, and resolutely prevent vicious competition. Establish and improve risk assessment and emergency response mechanisms, strengthen risk prevention and control, and ensure the safety of Chinese enterprises and citizens abroad. Sixth, pay attention to the implementation of enterprise society, promote local employment, strengthen personnel training, and do a good job in follow-up services. Build China's advantageous production capacity and equipment into a new national business card

the meeting pointed out that conforming to the situation of promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the Internet era, building entrepreneurial service platforms such as mass entrepreneurship space for everyone is of great significance to stimulate the creative vitality of hundreds of millions of people, cultivate all kinds of young innovative talents and innovative teams, including college students, drive the expansion of employment, and create a new engine of economic development. First, on the basis of incubation models such as maker space and innovation factory, we should vigorously develop market-oriented, professional, integrated and networked maker space, realize the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, incubation and investment, and provide a low-cost, convenient and all factor open comprehensive service platform for the growth of small and micro innovative enterprises and personal entrepreneurship. Second, we should increase policy support. The definition and working principle of the tensile testing machine adapt to the centralized office characteristics of new incubators such as maker space, simplify the registration procedures, and facilitate the industrial and commercial registration of start-ups. Support qualified places to give appropriate subsidies to the rent, broadband network, public software, etc. of maker space, or provide low-cost places by revitalizing idle plants and other resources. Third, we should improve the venture capital and financing mechanism. We should give full play to the role of government venture capital guidance funds and fiscal and tax policies, support scientific and technological small and medium-sized enterprises in the seed stage and start-up stage, and cultivate and develop angel investment. Improve the Internet equity crowdfunding financing mechanism, develop regional equity trading markets, and encourage financial institutions to develop products and services such as technology financing guarantees and intellectual property pledge. Fourth, we should create a good ecological environment for entrepreneurship and innovation. We will improve the entrepreneurship guidance system, support the holding of entrepreneurship training camps, entrepreneurship and innovation competitions and other activities, cultivate a maker culture, and make entrepreneurship and innovation become a common practice

the meeting also studied other matters

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