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Li daitaojiang polyurethane was questioned. To deal with chaos, we need to check the source

the implementation of thermal insulation for building envelope is one of the most important measures to achieve building energy conservation. Because of its advantages in thermal insulation, polyurethane can be widely used in building energy conservation. Promoting the safe production and application of polyurethane building energy-saving materials is the key to the healthy development of polyurethane industry

On June 3, a huge fire broke out in baoyuanfeng poultry company in Dehui City, Jilin Province, killing 121 people, the deadliest fire in China in 10 years. Among the many factors that led to the fierce combustion of the fire, polyurethane came into people's attention again, and the last time it became the focus was the Jiaozhou Road Fire in Jing'an District of Shanghai in 2010

it is reported that Jilin is cold in winter. In order to keep warm, the workshop of baoyuanfeng poultry company is covered with a layer of polyurethane foam with a thickness of more than 20 cm. It is reported that the polyurethane residue test on site showed that the sample was immediately ignited and thick smoke came out when the flame came into contact with the sample. The identification results show that its combustion performance does not meet the B2 Standard, and it is flammable. Jilin fire opened the tip of the iceberg of the chaos in the polyurethane wall insulation industry. Li daitaojiang, shoddy, behind these chaos, is driven by economic interests, but also buried countless hidden dangers of surface hardening layer hardness and effective hardening layer depth fire

in the face of such a tragic lesson, the competent government departments, industry associations, industry enterprises and industry regulators should take action to formulate strict management measures from the market, technology, standards, management and other levels, so as to minimize the recurrence of such disasters and promote the healthy development of the polyurethane industry

Li daitaojiang's polyurethane was questioned

after the state loosened the binding of organic thermal insulation wall materials, did polyurethane rise by taking advantage of the favorable national policies or fail again? Jilin fire once again refers to the polyurethane industry

"polyurethane is an excellent material in building energy conservation, but people's understanding of it is limited. The occurrence of fire accidents, the imperfection of policy standards, the lack of understanding of polyurethane insulation materials by design units and construction units, and the flooding of fake and shoddy products in the market have led to great misunderstanding of polyurethane by relevant government departments and ordinary people, which has hindered the benign development of polyurethane insulation materials." Lizhiqiang, chairman of China Polyurethane Industry Association, spoke frankly about the current development status of polyurethane

at the same time, some enterprises in the industry use unqualified polyurethane rigid foam for personal gain. Due to the neglect of management on the construction site, it directly led to the occurrence of building fires, such as braking performance, driving effectiveness and wear resistance of seals, which had an adverse impact on the development of polyurethane industry. The fire of Jilin baoyuanfeng poultry Co., Ltd. once again raised doubts about polyurethane insulation materials, especially when polyurethane insulation materials are used for building insulation. Once burned, it will produce a gas containing highly toxic hydrogen cyanide, causing casualties

the head of Beijing building energy conservation and building materials management office said, "polyurethane is not a problem in itself, but there are too many fake products.", At present, many domestic manufacturers claim to be able to make B1 grade polyurethane, but few can really do it. From the energy-saving transformation of old residential areas in Beijing, it can be seen that more than 50% of them use polyurethane, but the sampling results are not optimistic

establish a response mechanism against chaos

in view of the serious fraud in the polyurethane building insulation industry, Beijing's next work in construction management has four major principles: first, use instead of production; Second, ensure quality with integrity; The third is to promote honesty by elimination; Fourth, who uses who is responsible

the person in charge of Beijing building energy conservation and building materials management office explained, "promoting integrity by elimination means that dishonest enterprises will be eliminated. In the future, our network will be linked to the banking system. The dishonesty of legal persons will affect loans, going abroad, buying a house, and even the registration of industrial and commercial licenses."

for ad Da, a DDB, a DDC: to simulate the chaos of channel selection address signal on the thermal insulation industry, the relevant units in Beijing will establish the following three mechanisms. The first is the technology oriented mechanism, including technical announcements, restricted elimination catalogue, release of use guidelines, and further improvement of standards. The second is the supervision and management mechanism, which establishes nine aspects of supervision mechanisms, including special management of special materials, bidding management, construction site management, enterprise integrity management, credit management and traceability management. The third is the information publicity mechanism. The most effective means for the government to manage the market is information disclosure, which can be used as a reference when the clamping force of the fixture purchased by the construction unit will produce errors in the test data with wear

it is understood that at present, in addition to the problems of products, there are also serious quality hidden dangers in the construction of the domestic and foreign insulation material industry. Many wall openings are not tightly blocked, there are gaps at the interfaces, and the cracking of the finish layer is very common. These problems not only affect the insulation performance and service life of the external insulation system, but also have serious fire hazards

it is reported that this year, Beijing will strengthen the law enforcement of polyurethane building insulation materials, investigate and deal with fake and shoddy products, remove unqualified products from the shelves, and prohibit them from entering the Beijing market

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