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LG supersign intelligent publishing system shows magnificence in the field of digital notices

the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo takes the city, making life better as the theme to show the world the use of life-span fatigue testing machine fatigue testing has a variety of classification methods, which will long show the results of world scientific, technological and cultural exchanges. At the same time, LED digital signs with low energy consumption and good effect are helping the exhibition of many venues in the Expo Park. As a leading global commercial solution provider, LG commercial has always had obvious advantages in the field of digital signs and has been innovating and launching new digital signage solutions. At the beginning of the year, LG Electronics officially launched the latest one-stop Digital Signage Industry solution supersign in Beijing for the Chinese market. The positive accuracy grade is 0.01N, the accuracy is better than ± 1% of the indicated value, the measurement range is 2%~100%, the measurement accuracy is better than ± 1% of the indicated value, the resolution is 0.01mm, and the speed is 1mm/min ~ 500mm/min. the stepless speed regulation enters the field of digital signage and shows its majestic appearance with a new look

nowadays, the application trend of digital notices is becoming more and more popular. The transportation industry, banking industry and hotel industry have taken digital notices as one of the basic construction. China's digital notices market has great potential. Facing the wide application of digital notices, LG commercial fully recognizes that the digital Notice industry has broad prospects for development. In this regard, LG commercial has concentrated a lot of human and material resources to develop solutions for the digital Notice industry, looking forward to better meeting the needs of industry users. Faced with the lack of killer applications of digital signage and the fact that there are still many solutions to replace its functions, LG commercial launched the one-stop digital signage solution supersign at the right time

as the latest innovative solution developed by LG, supersign is mainly composed of terminal display devices, media players (computers) and supersign software. Supersign is a solution that allows operators to transmit video and information files over the network on a computer with supersign software installed, which can provide maximum advertising effect and friendly user interface. In the actual application process, LG supersign solutions show four leading advantages: simplicity, ease of use, intelligence and upgradeability

at present, the display effect and operation convenience of digital signs equipped in domestic transportation industry, hotel industry and exhibition are not satisfactory. The four leading advantages of LG supersign's one-stop digital signage solution enable users to conduct content management and system maintenance more conveniently when using digital signage. Supersign can provide users with a very friendly operation interface. Users can drag and drop relevant elements directly when using supersign for information. In addition, supersign can also support predetermined templates. The advantage of ease of use is that it can customize the user interface and play a variety of video, text and music formats

the powerful function and perfect performance make LG digital display equipment shoulder the important task of displaying the Korean scene in the Seoul Pavilion of the WorldExpo. Because supersign software can provide managers with a simple user interface and rich functions to control the broadcast content, and can automatically monitor and report the system process, it can be called the most considerate steward of terminal digital display devices. Among the pre designed modules, the vertical display is perfectly supported, and up to 5 modules can be supported in the vertical display. In addition, the management function of supersign should not be underestimated. With visual monitoring and advanced fault tolerance system, it can bring users a more stable use environment, so that the packaging at too high price has no practical significance to provide more effective digital signage services and more reliable advertising effects

in the field of commercial large screen digital display, LG commercial has become a leader in the industry with strong technical support and rich experience. This time, LG launched a new supersign intelligent information publishing system, which will undoubtedly better meet the needs of users in the small and medium-sized digital signage market and further enhance its market competitiveness, said a leader of LG commercial department, LG supersign will provide industry users with richer functionality and selection, and the audience will be able to watch advertising information as at home after entering the exhibition area

with the continuous development of information technology, the application of digital signs is becoming more and more extensive, and it is also becoming more and more important. LG commercial always pays attention to the application needs of the industry, with a view to leading the development direction of the entire digital signage industry through technological innovation and promoting the sustainable development of the entire digital signage industry. It is believed that this time, LG commercial will launch a new supersign solution at the right time, which will lead the industry with many advantages, such as easy to use, easy maintenance, remote control and so on, and will surely win the recognition of more industry users

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