Basic introduction of phosphorus antioxidant in th

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Basic introduction of plastic phosphorus antioxidant

phosphite is used as auxiliary antioxidant, among which TNP and 168 are the main universal varieties. At present, phosphite achieves a win-win situation for both sides. The development focus of ester antioxidants is to improve the hydrolysis stability. Because the traditional phosphite is easy to hydrolyze, which affects the storage and application performance, improving the hydrolysis stability of phosphite has always been the key to antioxidant research. Li essence and others studied the feasibility of pp-lgf replacing metal to make foot pedals; Yang Yuwei studied the feasibility of pp-lgf replacing pa66-gf30 to manufacture door handle base. At present, markhp-10, ethanox398, doverphoss-686 and s-687 launched abroad have high hydrolytic stability and color and light stability. High molecular weight phosphite products with high molecular weight have been developed. These products have the characteristics of low volatility and high precipitation resistance. The new national standard fire retardant B1 implements industry service. The key technical elements of integrated polyurethane insulation materials have high durability. Typical products include sandstabpepq, phosphorea, etc. The main and auxiliary composite antioxidants, which combine phosphite and phenolic antioxidants to give full play to the synergy, mainly include Irgafos168, ultranox626, markpep-36, cyanox2777, etc

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