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According to foreign media reports, Kai Fu Li, chairman and CEO of Innovation workshop, has invested in a Chinese software provider and 11 other business projects, including mobile operating system tapas, music and video application store wonderpod, mobile device image sharing software photo wonder and game company ascending cloud

tapas is one of the innovative enterprises incubated by the Innovation workshop, which specially develops tapas mobile operating system for Chinese users. Li Kaifu told BusinessWeek that three manufacturers will apply the tapas system this year

venture capitalists and early investors like Kai Fu Li began to bet on young Chinese entrepreneurs. More and more investors are looking for local technology companies that may replicate the success of Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba (the combined market capitalization of these three companies exceeds $70billion), and Kai Fu Li is one of them

Li Kaifu said, "there are many excellent talents and engineers in China, and the Innovation workshop provides them with the conditions necessary to create value and stimulate interest, hoping to help them succeed."

investment boom

mark cannice is a professor of entrepreneurship at the school of enterprise and management at the University of San Francisco. He compiled the China venture capital confidence index. "The confidence of the venture capital community in Silicon Valley has been declining, and more and more funds are pouring into China, which will support the continuous development of China's technology industry," Kenneth said

according to the statistics of Zero2IPO venture capital, so far in 2010, China venture capital companies have completed 295 investment transactions, with a total investment scale of $1.59 billion (about 10.82 billion yuan); The total number of investment transactions in 2009 was 179, with a total investment scale of 1.07 billion US dollars (about 7.28 billion yuan)

Li Kaifu said that zhongjinghe group and Foxconn international holdings have invested in the Innovation workshop, which will invest US $15000 to US $2.5 million in selected innovation enterprises and provide professional support to the technology industry. "In the United States, companies like Google and apple basically started with angel investment, but there is almost no angel investor circle in China."

recruit from IBM and Oracle

after leaving Google in September 2009, Li Kaifu recruited from Google China, IBM, Oracle, Nokia, Tencent, Baidu and other companies to establish an Innovation workshop

"in China, you must have a sponsor to contact the government and be responsible for market publicity. This is the role of Li Kaifu." Kay koplovitz said that she is the founder of USA networks, the chairman of the board of springboard enterprises and the advocate of female entrepreneurs, and has worked with some Chinese start-ups

Li Kaifu said that the Innovation workshop has completed the financing of US $1.15 billion, received more than 7000 resumes of Chinese entrepreneurs and software engineers, and completed the recruitment of 150 people. After seeing 500 young start-ups, Li Kaifu selected 12 companies for incubation

le'ah discount e-commerce station is one of its investment objects. Tian Hongfei, the founder, said that finding the right talent is the biggest challenge for start-ups. "Influenced by Chinese traditional culture, many graduate students want to work in government departments and state-owned enterprises, or enter well-known foreign enterprises such as Google and Microsoft, and they all want a decent job."

tapas, wonderpod and Youmeng

the founder of tapas is Zhang Lei, a former employee of Baidu. He modified the code of Google Android mobile operating system to complete tapas software through the problem of frequent applause in the later stage. It is reported that the startup company did not use Google email, electronic maps and other basic programs, but developed functions more suitable for Chinese users, including smart dialers and lyrics display applications

Innovation workshop said that tapas software will be applied to 1million units next year, and by 2013, this number will reach 10million units

Another software startup incubated by the Innovation workshop is wonderpod, a music, video, application and E-book store, which was officially launched in June this year and hosted by Wang Junyu, a former software designer of Google China

other companies invested by Innovation workshop also include application analysis tool provider Youmeng, mobile device image sharing software photo wonder and game company ascending cloud. Driven by the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, easy technology

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