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Li Jingzhu: witness that Zhongyuan No.1 has become a classic

Li Jingzhu, a native of Likou village, Tuan Town, Henan Province, Quzhou County, Handan City, is the chairman of Likou agricultural machinery service professional cooperative. He is a senior and well-known local agricultural machinery man and a loyal customer of Lovol agricultural products. He has purchased more than a dozen Lovol products in total. He personally experienced and witnessed the operation efficiency of a series of classic products, such as Lovol Valley god-2, Lovol Valley God jinwhirlwind, Lovol Valley God Mack, and so on. In the autumn operation, he also boasted Lovol Valley God cb03 corn machine, which was affectionately called "Central Plains No. 1" by the majority of users

Li Jingzhu said: I began to buy corn harvesters in 2014. After I investigated many corn harvester brands, I found that the design idea of Lovol Gushen corn harvester was ahead of schedule. At that time, I selected Gushen cb03, which was a three line machine, but it installed all of this from the high-yield utilization. Four groups of corn, such as microwave oven sealing strips, loudspeaker speakers and other peeling rollers, that is, the ears picked from the front, The peeling roller at the back can handle all of them, which is a great advantage. In the autumn harvest operation, Gushen cb03 really lived up to expectations, was second to none among the corn harvesters in the Central Plains, and was widely known as "Central Plains No. 1". So in 2015, I bought another one, which expanded the ability of our Likou agricultural machinery service professional cooperative to harvest corn. When the universal experimental machine synchronously displays the experimental force, peak value, displacement, speed, experimental state, experimental curve, etc; The universal testing machine (auto parts testing machine) has the functions of limit, automatic overload protection, automatic shutdown of sample fracture and so on, with an annual profit of more than 50000 yuan

although the technology of corn machine has developed rapidly in recent years, with new models coming out every year, and some models have learned from the design concept of "Zhongyuan No.1", due to the influence of various comprehensive factors such as mature technology, stable quality and performance, and timely service, the advantages of Lovol Ceres cb03 corn machine are still difficult to surpass, and it will continue to maintain its leading advantage in the corn harvest in the Central Plains region. The title of "Zhongyuan No.1" is still the leiwo Valley God cb03

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