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How do small and medium-sized enterprises shape product brands

for many small and medium-sized enterprises in China, it is a desire to be a brand and compete on an equal footing with their competitors in the market. Many small and medium-sized enterprises lament that today's market competition is more intense than before, and the promotion and shaping of brands are also more difficult. The author here provides some ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises, so that they can show themselves in the market, Achieve the purpose of brand promotion

small and medium-sized enterprises should first make product brands

where the profits of enterprises come from depends on consumers to buy your products. Consumers are willing to pay for your products, not your enterprise's name. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the foothold of brand building should be product brand rather than enterprise brand. Don't talk about corporate brand without product brand. Even for large enterprises, product brands are still more important than corporate brands. The global top 500 enterprises are also famous for their excellent product (or service) brands

to make engineering plastics first and become the fastest-growing material product brand in the plastic industry requires the promotion of product brand throughout all links of product marketing, including the name of product brand, product concept appeal, product packaging, product market display and unity in the process of market cognition, product marketing method, product quality and service assurance, etc

some enterprises do not have a clear understanding of the promotion forms of product brands. They often think that all the promotion forms, the visual display forms of enterprises, and some public relations behaviors to enhance the corporate image can enhance the product brand, which is a very wrong idea. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the accumulation of product profits can make it possible to promote the enterprise, and the improvement of product image is the basis for the improvement of enterprise image. First of all, shaping the enterprise image is equivalent to building buildings without laying a foundation, and it is impossible to build the market building of the enterprise

I see that many small and medium-sized enterprises rush to integrate the image of the enterprise before their products are recognized and recognized by the market. From the overall market image to the marketing concept of the enterprise, it is a complete system with a complete set of designs, but what kind of visual channels and appeal ways their products are conveyed in the market have not received due attention, resulting in, The product is not recognized, and the corporate image can not let consumers buy products, so that the enterprise can not get the return of profits in the market, so that the corporate image can not get continuous resource support, and finally lose market opportunities

find a good brand positioning

1. Brand positioning must have personality

brand positioning is the premise of brand building. Without correct positioning, brand building can only go further and further, and the effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, we first need to clearly position our own brand. For example, when we mention many famous brands, we can associate the image of the brand at once

in fact, the brand positioning is the positioning of consumer groups. For example, "crocodile" clothing is aimed at high-income groups, and "Mercedes Benz" is mainly aimed at high-income groups, Dabao "The target group of cosmetics is the working class. Therefore, when an enterprise determines the target group of products, it also determines the positioning of the brand, which determines your enterprise strategy and marketing strategy.

for small and medium-sized enterprises, brand positioning must be combined with the concept of product personality, so that consumers can easily identify and understand. For example, when we talk about someone, we will have a general view of that person Law, including his age, occupation, identity, appearance, etc., of which the most important is the person's personality, frank, deep, cheerful, or stable and so on. Similarly, when we see a brand and its products, we will also have various associations with qualified brands, including its business scope, corporate slogan, product type, product color, etc., of which the personality of the brand is very important, that is, whether it is lively, professional, enthusiastic or conservative, etc. for example, when you mention Coca Cola, you will associate it with red and enthusiasm, Marlboro is associated with Western cowboys and freedom, which is the personality of the brand. From this point of view, brands, like people, will give consumers different feelings of personality. Therefore, for small and medium-sized enterprises, they must pay attention to the positioning and shaping of personality in brand building

2. Brand positioning should focus on potential markets

when making product and brand positioning, many enterprises often see the current market demand, without considering the market situation after 3, 5 or even 10 years, so the growth of the brand is limited and cannot grow. For example, China has a product brand positioning in children, and this brand enterprise is also positioned as an enterprise brand. Many years later, the product line of this enterprise will be extended and the market scale will be widened, but at this time, its brand cannot be extended, and it can only be used to produce products of different ages. The enterprise has not used new brands to distinguish the market, resulting in restrictions on the promotion of brands in the market, So as to affect the development of the brand. So you have to consider people's living habits and consumption habits after 3 or 5 years. It's like a person. You are a student now, but your position should not be a student, but the person you want to be in 3 or 5 years, an entrepreneur, an engineer or an actuary

in addition, we should pay attention to the consistency of product and brand concepts. After experiencing rapid development, enterprises generally launch new products and carry out diversified operations. For example, Haier initially started as a refrigerator, and now it involves all fields of household appliances. This requires us to find out the concept and positioning of the brand, maintain consistency, and make the brand promotion of the enterprise more rapid and effective

find consistency with the brand in terms of product characteristics

1. Identify the product concept and meet the desires and needs of consumers

determining the product concept and brand concept is an important work of brand promotion personnel. The product concept is the product function that can bring benefits to consumers. The brand concept will have a deeper connotation and more is the embodiment of enterprise values, product personality and characteristics. Brand building cannot leave the concept of products. Brand concept must have some connection with product concept. For example, the shampoo of p&g company, which we are very familiar with, is "elegant". The product concept is to make the hair more supple, and the brand gives us the feeling of "confidence and elegance"

2. Don't rush for success. Brand building should be phased

the mistake that many enterprises are prone to make in brand building is to be eager for success. When consumers have not accepted the concept of the product or do not know the function of the product very well, they begin to promote the brand. As a result, consumers are often confused about advertising and do not know what the product is used for, resulting in a big discount in the promotion cost of enterprises

3. Pay attention to the shaping of brand concept

in addition, in the growth period, many enterprises tend to promote a product and ignore the shaping of the brand. As a result, although consumers have a good understanding of the product, they have no concept of the brand, do not know the personality and characteristics of the brand, and even do not know the name of the enterprise. When enterprises launch new products, they need to re educate the market and spend a lot of promotion costs. For example, "melatonin", which is currently controversial, as a health product, it gives consumers the feeling of "gift". Although on the surface, the product is relatively successful and has created a lot of sales performance, in the long run, it is difficult to create a brand with high reputation and loyalty. In addition, do you know which company's product it is

concentrate time on informing, balance time on favoring

in reality, many business people unilaterally think that as long as consumers know me, they will buy my products. So a lot of money is invested in cognitive advertising. Then I want to ask why everyone didn't want his things after the problem of Guanshengyuan in Nanjing. At that time, its popularity was also very high? It can be seen that fame and favor are absolutely different

therefore, after recognizing advertisements, we must shift the appeal point of advertisements, and pay attention to consumers in various ways, so that consumers can recognize and have a good impression. Just like the favorable impression of people, the favorable impression of consumers on products is also a comprehensive process, which can not be completed in one sentence or one thing

at each stage, the content of enterprise brand promotion is also different. For example, the purpose of two people talking about the object is to get married. Before getting married, your job is to please her. What you say and give when you first meet, and what you say and give when you propose are different. It must be ridiculous to put what you said when you proposed on the first day of your acquaintance. Similarly, there is a trend that the hardness test will gradually replace the tensile test. In the process of love, it is definitely impossible not to say more nice words or give gifts

in the process of communicating with consumers, enterprises must also constantly change the content with the continuous change of stages, express their love for consumers from different aspects, and inspire consumers to have a good impression on you

for small and medium-sized enterprises, how to allocate the time for cognition and goodwill? In the process of promotion, they need to have a judgment on consumers. If consumers recognize that something needs to be accepted repeatedly in a relative time, they can remember it. However, favoritism is different. It is influenced by social identity and emotional factors. Therefore, for small and medium-sized enterprises, they should specifically let the market recognize their brand in a short time. It needs to use the combination strategy of media to achieve, but to make consumers have a good impression, it is necessary to design the emotional intersection in the communication between the brand and consumers, so that they can have spiritual resonance, which is achieved by using many behavioral expressions in marketing activities, However, the main forms of expression also need to be achieved by gradual infiltration of media equilibrium time

visual performance of unified products in the market

another problem in the brand promotion process is that the visual performance in the market is not unified, which causes enterprises to waste a lot of resources. This inconsistency is mainly manifested in the following two cases:

the first case is to equate the visual unity of the product brand with the visual unity of the enterprise brand. When it comes to visual unity, enterprises mistakenly believe that unity is to be a VI, but VI is the unity of corporate image vision. Therefore, we have obtained ISO9001 international quality system certification and national measurement system certification. Where is the visual unity of the brand? This is unknown to the enterprise. It is a big misunderstanding that enterprises always replace the visual expression of product brands in the market with the visual unity of corporate image

in the second case, the image is often changed. In terms of the visual expression of their brands, many enterprises often change their clothes anytime and anywhere, thinking that it is OK to fight the brand, but they do not achieve unity

in the third case, the work of visual unification of product brands is not done carefully. Visual unity of products in the market

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