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How to shorten the gap between China's ethylene industry and the world

in recent decades, China's ethylene industry has made rapid development on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign introduced technology. China now has 18 large, medium and small ethylene plants, producing nearly 4.7 million tons of ethylene in 2000. However, there is still a certain gap between China's ethylene production industry and foreign countries

the gap between China's ethylene industry and foreign ethylene is mainly reflected in energy consumption and equipment maintenance. High energy consumption of ethylene leads to high comprehensive cost of products. Energy consumption accounts for a considerable proportion of the comprehensive cost. The energy consumption of ethylene plants abroad generally accounts for 63% of the comprehensive cost, while the domestic ethylene accounts for an average of 76%. The long-term operation of ethylene plant is the most direct manifestation of improving the competitiveness of the plant. The overhaul cycle of overseas ethylene plants is at least 4 years, and some have reached more than 5 years. The overhaul time is only 20 days, and there are few unplanned shutdown accidents in daily operation. The overhaul cycle of domestic ethylene plants is mostly maintained at about 2 years, and the shutdown and overhaul time is long, and there are also many unplanned outages in ordinary times

overseas ethylene generally controls the cost of major overhaul at one-third of the total overhaul cost, and two-thirds of the cost is used for daily maintenance and repair; However, the overhaul cost of domestic ethylene is relatively high, and the proportion of daily maintenance and repair costs is relatively small. Many overhauls need to be solved at the same time. Foreign ethylene also attaches great importance to preventive maintenance, using instruments to detect and analyze operating equipment, and evaluate the life of vulnerable parts of equipment in advance. However, domestic ethylene cannot achieve preventive maintenance, and only pay attention to the repair of accident equipment, Do not pay attention to analyzing the causes of damage and improving maintenance methods

high energy consumption will inevitably affect the competitiveness of the device. Therefore, domestic ethylene must take targeted measures to reduce energy consumption. First of all, we should strengthen management, regard energy consumption management as equally important as the pursuit of output and safety, and strengthen the operation and maintenance of cracking furnaces, which are major energy consumers, by improving instrument measurement and adding monitoring systems. At present, there are many problems in domestic ethylene cracking industry, such as low utilization rate, poor standby capacity, coke burning, the construction of a 20 foot simple bridge in fiverivers Park in Germantown, Ohio, USA, with long average time, long maintenance time, poor flue gas content control, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously optimize the process operation of cracking furnace, adopt advanced control technologies such as APC, inhibit the coking of furnace tube, optimize the performance of burner, and balance the fuel system; Thirdly, it is to optimize the utility system, that is, improve the monitoring of circulating water, strengthen the steam balance, and eliminate the flare discharge under normal conditions. In addition, in terms of equipment inspection and maintenance, we should learn from foreign countries, establish a preventive inspection and maintenance system of the device, and pay attention to the daily maintenance and repair of the device, so as to extend the maintenance cycle of the device and reduce the maintenance cost

in view of the current development of China's ethylene industry, the country should reduce the tariff on imported crude oil and naphtha to zero. In the long run, the development of China's ethylene industry must rely on foreign crude oil and oil resources. Zero tariff can reduce the production cost of domestic stone, which is an important directional industry of new polyurethane products, and improve competitiveness and risk resistance; Continue to strictly crack down on smuggling and ensure the normal order of the domestic petrochemical market; Establish localization fund to promote the localization of ethylene production technology, engineering design and equipment

China's accession to the WTO is imminent, and the domestic ethylene industry is facing a severe test. In the Tenth Five Year Plan of petrochemical industry, it is proposed that there are three circuits for ethylene transformation in China: one is to highlight quality, variety, benefit and import substitution; Second, adopt new technologies to reduce material and energy consumption and reduce production costs; Third, reduce construction investment and improve competitiveness. (plastic packaging)

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