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How do enterprises select workflow

today's world has entered the information age, and the information system of enterprises plays an increasingly important role in daily operation and management

in the process of information construction of an enterprise, workflow, as a basic module, plays an increasingly important role and produces more and more obvious benefits

enterprise informatization is a process, and the information system of any enterprise is not built at one time. In this process, workflow should be introduced as soon as possible. In the whole information system architecture, workflow belongs to a platform software, or a middleware, operating system, database, etc., which plays a similar and supporting role

regard information construction as building a building, then the operating system and database are similar to the foundation. The rooms in the building are different systems, large and small, with different functions. Workflow is like the water, electricity, air conditioning, communication, fire protection and other facilities in the building. For this building, there is no water, electricity, fire protection and other systems, and the integrity of this building has not been damaged, but this is an original, low-level, backward building, which has little use value

as mentioned above, the importance of workflow is self-evident, but how to choose an excellent workflow product and manufacturer to import workflow? Generally speaking, as a middleware product, workflow has no industry characteristics, and the selection of workflow products does not need to consider industry issues

when selecting models, the following points need to be considered:

first, investigate the current architecture of information systems

first, we need to understand what systems the enterprise currently has and how many of these systems may be integrated with workflow systems. What are their requirements for the operating system and database? If possible, they should try to require workflow products and the current system to adopt the same operating system and database, so as to reduce procurement and maintenance costs

secondly, look at the languages used in the current system. If all or part of the system can use the same programming language as workflow products, it can reduce the difficulty of future integration and reduce the difficulty of future development regardless of whether other data of insulation materials meet the new national standard

of course, these conditions are not necessary, but the best

second, the goal of importing workflow

A) the goal of importing system

if the scope of importing is only limited to a single system or a single department, we only need to consider whether the workflow system meets the needs of this system or a single department. For example, in the process of implementing EHR, workflow needs to be introduced. This workflow system only needs to meet the requirements of HR

but more often, the workflow system will manage the processes of the whole enterprise and cover the processes of all departments. In addition, we should not only consider the situation of but, but also have full predictability. Workflow products must have sufficient flexibility to adapt to the possible organizational or institutional adjustments of the enterprise in the future

b) the goal of the product

for example, how easy is the product to use and what level of performance it needs to achieve. Many users hope that workflow system development forms can be faster and simpler. Even misled by some manufacturers, they require that products can complete the development of new forms only by dragging and dropping operations. However, such requirements can only be applied to simple forms. For some forms with complex data sources and complex logical judgments, it is essential to write some code, which is also the most direct and effective way

III. key considerations

a) ease of use

this is crucial. Workflow is the most widely used system, and its promotion involves the whole enterprise. If the usability is not good, the system will encounter a lot of resistance in the future

b) rapid development and customization of forms and processes

the scope and content of forms in every enterprise will vary greatly, and the processes will also be different. When enterprises implement workflow, forms and processes have been improved compared with 30.7% in 2000. Basically, all processes need to be redeveloped and customized. Therefore, workflow must have excellent form development ability and flexible process customization ability. And the forms and processes will not remain the same. The system should be able to modify the forms and processes flexibly

it needs to be repeated here. Don't expect to complete complex forms that meet the needs of enterprises without writing a line of code. Process control can be achieved, but there is no workflow system in which form design tools can meet such requirements

c) strong integration ability

as a workflow system, strong integration ability is a necessary condition. Maximum overall dimension of 21 host of independent workflow system (mm) 1100 × nine hundred × The application scope of 2510 is limited. Only when it is fully integrated with other systems (such as ERP, HR, OA, portal, etc.), can it maximize its benefits

for example, an ERP user placed an order. ERP can directly start the order approval process of the workflow system through the interface provided by the workflow system. After the approval of the workflow, if the approval is passed, the order information can be directly transferred to the production management system. The production management system purchases raw materials and arranges production plans according to the order data. Through such a workflow system seamlessly integrated with other systems, the management process of enterprises can be optimized and production efficiency can be improved. Only in this way can we give full play to the benefits of workflow system

the integration of workflow system is similar to form development. Don't expect to complete the integration with various systems without writing a line of code. Please keep this in mind

d) stable performance

the importance of performance needless to say, performance will not only affect the use of workflow itself, but also affect the use of other systems that interact with workflow, and even cause damage to data integrity

performance problems will also affect users' use and cause users' resistance to the system, which is particularly evident during the system promotion

IV. product testing (form examples)

in order to fully understand the products, Professor Yi facheng, Jin Chengli's tutor during his master's degree at Southwest University of science and technology and vice president of Sichuan military civilian integration research institute, told that it is a good way to use the beta version or the test environment provided by the manufacturer to understand the products when selecting the products. If you want to use the beta version by yourself, the premise is that the testers have rich experience in workflow development, and the manufacturer provides a detailed user manual. Otherwise, it is best to test with the company of the manufacturer's technicians

because workflow is a platform software, developing forms and processes requires a certain degree of workflow experience and technical foundation, and its use is difficult. If testers try the system independently, they will encounter some difficulties and problems. Without the help of manufacturers, these difficulties and problems will be infinitely amplified, which will affect the objectivity of model selection

another effective way is to find a typical form in the enterprise and let the manufacturer make it. The system can be inspected according to the actual effect of the form after completion, and the technical ability and design ability of the manufacturer can also be inspected

v. choice of manufacturers

at present, there are many workflow manufacturers in China, including foreign manufacturers such as utimus, teamlate, K2, etc. they are famous and have many products, but the price is expensive. Moreover, some of them are acclimatized in China, and there are not many successful cases in China. (end)

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