How to sell mechanical products

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How to do the sales of mechanical products

sometimes I chat with friends who make molds and blisters, and talk about my business experience

as a mold maker, my business is to focus on a customer, once or twice. Until I see him, I can always make it in the end. I find a typical customer in one place, and then let him help me promote it. What I say to the customer is medicine, which is the number of ideal solutions for customers. Even if the quotation is reported as a loss, I have to do it even if I bite my teeth. I want to do it in the long run, In this way, the second industry knows how I am, and naturally someone comes to me

my blister friend said that I'm almost the same. It's very important to maintain it well. This customer will place an order this month and will place an order next month. When the situation is opened, the business is easy to do

as a mechanical customer, should regular customers be well maintained? The effect of humidity on nylon materials is affirmative. Only when we have a tacit understanding of cooperation will there be a refund. But it is certainly unrealistic to just wait for a refund. Unlike consumables, the service life of the machine is as long as several years and more, and the cycle is very long. Moreover, the customer will buy it only when he needs it. Only when you find him when he needs it will you increase the possibility of transaction. Therefore, the charging tank is also equipped with a special vacuum degassing system. For the mechanical business, we need to have a wide range of contacts. The development of digital display hydraulic electronic universal experimental machine is the latest product developed. New customers should be diligent. If they often keep in touch with customers and master the latest trends in the industry

I believe this is very important for many salespeople

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