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How to shorten the "technical time difference" of fastener manufacturing between China and foreign countries

China's fasteners occupy a decisive position in the global fastener industry. However, there is still a big gap between the industry's internal product types, quality levels, technical levels, and the payment of resources and environment compared with the foreign advanced level, which is mainly reflected in the dual pressure of "excess" and "shortage" in China's fastener production at present, And whether the transmission in low-speed operation is normal. In the past 10 years, China's fastener manufacturing technology and Yinghe technology said that the technical improvement in the process of foreign equipment cooperation is invisible. However, in addition to representing advanced technology, hardware equipment can be bought. The "technical time difference" outside the hardware equipment is the hidden factor and key to the backward fastener manufacturing technology in China

1. How to understand the "technical time difference"

although the professional and technical backbones in domestic strong fastener manufacturing enterprises have many years of experience and have experienced the process of "from scratch" technology accumulation, they will think that they are very knowledgeable and do not need to learn anything from foreigners, as long as they have advanced equipment

then why does the utilization rate and products of foreign equipment in use vary greatly when it comes to Chinese enterprises? Where is the gap? This is what we call "technical time difference", that is, the technological gap between foreign countries and foreign countries in terms of technology, use mode, production management, etc. other than hardware equipment. According to the evaluation of the domestic average fastener manufacturing level, especially where it involves the establishment of a system that uses data across fields and complex processes, special-shaped parts and process supporting facilities, the overall level of the "technical time difference" between the domestic and foreign advanced levels is about 10 to 20 years

2. What is the reason for "technical time difference"

A. human thinking mode, first, source education; Second, work experience. The current fastener professional and technical talents in China, from the post-60s to the post-80s, have basically the "introduction, digestion, absorption and improvement" mode of education and work experience, which is difficult to stimulate original innovative thinking. Most people do things based on "feasible experience", and they know it, and they don't know why. Many feasible experiences have errors or no theoretical basis. Is this a good way

why? How few people think about this problem? When talking about the "mold matching scheme" of wire drawing machine in the drawing workshop of domestic fastener enterprises, it seems that no one is ignorant, but it is a very common phenomenon. When foreign experts see the "mold matching scheme" in the on-site review, they will be surprised. They find that the "mold matching process" of wire drawing of most Chinese fasteners (based on the existing rich practical experience) is logically "chaotic and unreasonable", Some even completely do not conform to the metal material processing deformation theory, and the result is of course "infeasible and consumes resources or poor product quality", which is also one of the reasons why foreign equipment can not make products well in the hands of domestic users, using professional combustion furnaces

b. domestic fastener experts usually don't agree that their process technology is not advanced enough, especially large fastener enterprises. They have worked in this industry for more than 30 years, and their full experience has become an obstacle to accepting new ideas. They don't easily deny themselves, and often attribute their backward products to the lack of advanced equipment. In fact, every scientific and technological breakthrough is a process of denying the existing existence time and time again. Negation or questioning is the premise of innovation

in other words, if we let current technical experts "cross" to China in the next 20 years, will they still be industry experts in "that era"? The answer is No. This proves that the above-mentioned "technical time difference" exists

3. How to speed up the shortening of "technology time difference"

first of all, we should admit the existence of "technology time difference". How to speed up the shortening of "technology time difference"? Some people say that we should wait until the era when the post-90s or post-00s become the backbone, and cultivate their innovative thinking from childhood. What should we do now? Wait

generally, the "advanced foreign technology" we know refers to "advanced equipment". Although many domestic technicians have many years of experience in using foreign equipment, this does not mean that they understand the design principle of the equipment and may not be able to copy or absorb and improve it well. In the process of using the equipment, the personnel of foreign companies who frequently contact are basically "after-sales service" rather than technical designers, Therefore, you cannot learn the core technology

in addition, technology and equipment are inseparable. Advanced equipment only represents a part of "advanced". Here, our understanding of technology should be all aspects of the product manufacturing process, including the use method, conditions, material pretreatment, configuration scheme, daily maintenance and management of equipment, and other comprehensive macro processes, rather than the work scope of the "technology and process department" within the enterprise

hardware equipment representing advanced technology can be bought, and the "process" representing software is difficult to buy, so we can only learn and speed up learning

4. "Technical time difference" is an objective existence. First of all, we should clear our inherent concept, that is, the "empty cup principle", especially to recognize that we have a gap and create learning opportunities. Fortunately, today's industry 4.0 and made in China 2025 complement each other. Many foreign experts are on the "other side of the time difference". They don't need to cross them to live in the same era with us. Four dimensions (time) can be changed into three dimensions. If we can create or take advantage of opportunities to learn bits and pieces of technical details, get to the bottom of it, and know why, it's not impossible. From now on, we will accelerate the shortening of the "technical time difference" and no longer manufacture products with excess low-end fasteners

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