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How to shape the brand from the consumption orientation of OTC drug packaging II

II. OTC packaging: the embodiment of brand personality. A personalized brand cannot be separated from the attachment of emotional and rational values. Only in this way can consumers finally feel the existence of brand value and win their partial love. For OTC drugs, its brand is to shape authoritative, professional, effective, sincere and amiable personality characteristics, so as to be full of personality charm and increase the emotional connection between drugs and consumers. Packaging is an external manifestation of the rational value of drugs, and the product information it conveys is also invisibly rich in the emotional value of brand personality

packaging is the embodiment of brand personality. Once OTC brands are formed through communication, they will volatilize an invisible "halo" effect, which will greatly affect consumers' actual purchase psychology

due to the particularity of OTC sales, the packaging design of drugs needs to consider the specific sales environment of pharmacies and the purchase process of consumers. The display of drugs in drugstores is mainly through counters and windows. When consumers buy drugs in drugstores, they must look through the glass of the counter to see drugs. The most cost-effective column of drugs in the window is far away from consumers (about 2 meters), and there are many other products on display at the same time. How to stand out from these products with similar packaging and crowded information is a challenge for designers. In fact, the design of the outer packaging of drugs is not necessarily demanding and complex. Bright colors, eye-catching patterns and bright signs are enough. Simple and lively pattern design and quiet and unique information display can often attract the attention of consumers. For example, a skin mucous membrane antiseptic disinfectant of Hangzhou Minsheng company completely abandoned the consistent old design ideas in the appearance design. The packaging bottle has improved the liquid outlet, which can control the dosage when used, and does not stick to fingers. "

III. OTC packaging: the ultimate carrier of communication

the dissemination of advertising is not only conducive to the shaping of drug crystal brand, but also conducive to the dissemination of enterprise brand. TV advertising plays a leading role in product communication and marketing. At the same time, manufacturers use channel construction and terminal distribution to implement ground promotion to create an overall offensive of drug marketing. The enterprise constantly shapes the product quality through air pull and ground promotion, and realizes the establishment of the enterprise brand at the same time. Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 factory and Sanjiu pharmaceutical industry have made use of this overall marketing means to achieve some performance

the information of product packaging is the origin of all external communication. No matter whether the manufacturer transmits it through TV advertisements, newspaper advertisements or other media after 3 months, if we return to the origin analysis, consumers should refer to the information transmitted by the product packaging when they finally buy OTC drugs in the drugstore, including the product name, shape, composition, main therapeutic function, pharmacological action, usage and dosage, precautions, etc., as well as the packaging materials, texture, color and pattern, Storage and shelf life, and these information eventually become the main reference factors that affect consumers' purchase decisions

product packaging information is the basis of all communication regression. No communication can expand the product information invisibly, and the final reference for consumers to decide to buy is still the drug packaging information (ignoring the influence of terminal interception factors such as terminal promotion and salesperson's recommendation)


when a person is facing a specific brand, he or she will not only respond to the ability shown by the product, but also respond to some other hints. The shape, size, weight, material, color and product name of a product can cause certain associations or emotions


the packaging of products is the sum up of consumers' cognition of product information. Once a product is formed, its pharmacological effects become fixed, and any description is difficult to resist the charm of the product itself. Especially for OTC, a special kind of consumer goods, the rational choice of consumers' independent purchase of drugs almost completely depends on the packaging instructions, purchase and use reference

ot is also the consumer market of waste plastics. Class C drugs are increasingly competitive in price, marketing, terminals and advertising, but their competition in product packaging is tepid. Consumers' purchase of OTC drugs mainly depends on the efficacy, price, packaging and advertising of drugs. Price and advertising are commonly used marketing tools in the market. The publicity of drug advertising was once hot, and Harbin Pharmaceutical No. 6 plant and Sanjiu pharmaceutical industry were once keen on the advertising of products


however, it is its packaging that is more close to the product. Packaging is the direct embodiment of the connotation of the product. Products without good packaging will undoubtedly cause the evil effect of "lips die and teeth freeze".

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