How to shape the brand culture of paint enterprise

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How to shape the brand culture of coating enterprises under the experience economy

under the experience economy, how to shape the brand culture of coating enterprises to meet the special needs of high temperature characteristics

November 1st, 2019

at present, the product competition in the coating industry is also mainly reflected in the competition of product indicators and attributes. Most coating enterprises do not pay much attention to the brand, and the problems such as similar brand image, insignificant brand differentiation and lack of brand personality are prominent. It is hoped that enterprises can start from improving the experience of consumers, shape the personality of brand culture, and enhance the brand value of enterprises

stimulate purchase motivation and continue brand culture

motivation is the internal motivation to cause individual activities, maintain and promote activities towards a certain goal, mainly including potential and explicit motivation. At present, most coating enterprises pay more attention to the stimulation of explicit motivation, such as relying on the high cost performance of products and the active and enthusiastic promotion of promoters to stimulate the explicit motivation of consumers, while ignoring the effective stimulation of consumers' potential motivation through brand personality and other means. When consumers are moved by the brand personality, they will subconsciously think that a product is their best choice

starting with emotional value, shaping brand culture

emotional appeal is an important part of brand construction. After having emotional appeal, the brand seems to have calm, smart, confident quality, like people, has extraordinary personal charm, and can continuously implement positive emotional infection to consumers. With the passage of time, positive emotional infection will form a strong brand driving force, gradually cultivate a loyal customer base, and finally form an effective brand cognition and culture that generally does not belong to nondestructive testing. In addition, it is also necessary to often apply antirust oil to these areas

to provide human services and convey brand culture

the end-user of products or services is human. By providing human services, enterprises enable consumers to release their psychological vigilance and smoothly accept the products and services of enterprises. In the paint industry As the saying goes, paint is divided into three parts and construction is divided into seven parts. The quality of a good coating is only the foundation. Without good construction service personnel, no matter how good the coating is, it will not be able to fully demonstrate the environmental protection performance of its polyurethane waterproof coating, which will also be greatly improved. In terms of humanized services, such as providing experience services, color matching services, painting services, quality assurance services, special effects services and other comprehensive humanized service measures, we have won the trust of customers and passed on the corresponding brand culture. Achieved the improvement of brand influence

relying on differentiated competition to build brand culture

differentiation is the key method for coating brands to break through in the fierce market competition. If there is no difference between products, services, brands and other products, products are difficult to stand out in the market. To realize the brand differentiation competition first, the first thing is to segment the market, position according to the needs of specific personnel, and set up an exclusive differentiation image. Secondly, we can set specific attributes of products, services and imagination, and establish elements different from other products to realize differentiated brand building

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