Dynamic express of the hottest polyester chip mark

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Polyester chip market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber City, I asked the domestic third-party authoritative testing institution - China Institute of testing technology to test the conductivity, heat conduction and corrosion resistance of copper alloy functional new materials produced by Guoliang copper (02.02)

business news on February 3

PTA and MEG prices have increased, semi gloss and bright polyester chips continue to rise, CDP product quality Varieties are constantly improving, the price of chips is also rising, and the price of polyester bottle chips is rising. The spot transaction price of semi-finished chips on the market is 69. The most important thing for the future manufacturing industry is to realize the efficient utilization of resources and energy and minimize the damage to the ecological environment. 00 yuan/ton will be accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream of cash is generally 6700 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of Youguang slice is 6950 yuan/ton, and it will be delivered in a short distance in three months. The mainstream cash is generally 6800 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP slice Market is 7650 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered within six months. The flatness of polyester non machined surface shall not be greater than 3mm in any 600mm length. Generally, the market price of bottle chips is 7350 yuan/t. Polyester chip trading is general

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