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Pu related: dynamic analysis of toluene Market in Asia

on Wednesday, the closing price of toluene in Asia fell 10 $/mt to 728 $/mt in FOB South Korea, while the price of toluene in CFR China fell 12.50 $/mt to 730 $/mt. Due to the weak atmosphere in the international crude oil market and weak price fluctuations, the market trend has not been clear

according to Platts' market valuation, Unichem's offer is 735 $/mt FOB South Korea for any September goods, while the bid price of SK energy toluene goods in July is 725 $/ton in late July and 730 $/ton FOB South Korea in August. However, there was no counter-offer interest from any buyers. At the same time, the FOB price of any goods in South Korea in August was 742 $/Mt. China's energy is that brilliance's purchase interest is between $/ton CFR China, but no seller is close to these levels. In China, the domestic price of goods fell by 50 yuan/ton ($6.17/mt) to 5900 yuan/ton

I heard about the improvement and elimination of the hidden danger of white pollution caused by plastic packaging materials: according to the news from the factory, the spokesman of ExxonMobil has completed the overhaul of the aromatics unit in Singapore as planned. The unit has been inspected since May 1 this year. 3 Tightness of clamping shaft: it can be adjusted and repaired. The company said it had refineries and refineries in Singapore. This series of devices: annual production capacity of toluene 180000 mt/year, p-xylene 400000 mt/year, pure benzene 300000 MT environmental conditions:/year 250000 cyclohexane mt/year and xylene 200000 MT/year

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