Dynamic inventory of the hottest construction mach

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Dynamic inventory of construction machinery enterprises in China from the United States, Japan and South Korea

dynamic inventory of construction machinery enterprises in China from the United States, Japan and South Korea

China Construction machinery information

Guide: due to the reasons of technology, capital and key parts, some Chinese independent brand excavator manufacturing enterprises and the cards that have established factories in China, China's economy has begun to move into modernization. Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Volvo Doosan and other companies are temporarily at a disadvantage in the competition. Hitachi construction machinery has an annual output of 30000 excavators. At the beginning of the scale of the new base plant

due to technology, capital, key parts and other reasons, some Chinese excavator manufacturers with independent brands are temporarily at a disadvantage in the competition with caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Hyundai, Volvo, Doosan and other companies that have established factories in China

Hitachi construction machinery's new base plant with an annual output of 30000 excavators has begun to take shape.

recently, I saw by Susong road in Hefei Economic Development Zone that Hitachi construction machinery's new base plant with an annual output of 30000 excavators has begun to take shape. It is understood that the base was started on August 2, 2011. With an investment of more than 4billion yuan and an area of 670000 square meters, the project will introduce the world's most advanced production technology and equipment, which is expected to be completed and put into operation in 2014. After completion and operation, the new and old base will achieve a total production scale of 60000 excavators. By then, Hefei will become the world's largest excavator production base

Komatsu expands sales in Asia

Takeji ohbashi, the special executive director of Japanese construction machinery giant Komatsu, became the president of the company on April 1. Recently, Daqiao was interviewed by Kyodo News Agency and predicted that Japan's domestic construction machinery demand in 2013 will increase by 10% over the previous year, and the company will strengthen its domestic sales. Daqiao also said that it would formulate a medium-term business plan focusing on expanding sales in Asia and strengthening profitability in late April

Komatsu's 2012 financial report showed that due to the reduction in demand for Chinese construction machinery and Indonesian mining machinery, the company's revenue and profit fell for the first time in three years. On the other hand, Japan's domestic demand "will be significantly enhanced by the reconstruction of the East Japan earthquake and Abe's economic stimulus policy"

the bridge is expected to increase the demand for bulldozers and tippers with the construction projects such as the relocation of residents from disaster areas in Northeast Japan

in the overseas market, Daqiao is looking forward to the recovery of sales in China and Indonesia, and believes that the European market has been affected by the long-standing debt problem, "demand has declined, and the situation in the future is also grim"

president of Volvo: the joint venture project with Dongfeng is expected to start next year

olofpersson, President and CEO of Volvo Group, revealed in an exclusive interview during the Boao Forum for Asia held yesterday that the joint venture project with Dongfeng Motor is expected to officially start early next year. At present, the two companies are also stepping up the formulation of new product strategies after the joint venture alliance

in January this year, Volvo Group signed an agreement with Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. that Dongfeng Group repurchased the business and assets of medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles from Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd., a joint venture with Nissan Motor Company. Most of the business and assets will be transferred to the new Dongfeng commercial vehicle company established by Dongfeng Group and Volvo Group. Dongfeng Group and Volvo Group hold 55% and 45% equity respectively

in addition to being the world's manufacturer of heavy trucks and large buses, Volvo Group is also the world's third largest construction equipment manufacturer. At present, in China, the company's main source of revenue contribution is also construction machinery and construction equipment. Volvo's construction machinery and construction equipment business has ranked first in the market share of loaders and excavators in China

for the future prospects of the construction machinery and construction equipment market, europeperson believes that the construction machinery market in 2013 will remain basically the same as that in 2012. In addition to the contribution of the construction machinery and construction equipment business is expected to continue, the design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of the experimental machine has taken the advanced technology of Japan Shimadzu into consideration. It is expected that the growth of the company's truck business in Asia by 2015 will also be 50% higher than that by the end of 2012

Doosan issued 600million yuan bills, most of which repaid the loan.

Doosan construction machinery is a leading global manufacturer of construction machinery, mainly providing construction machinery, machine tools and engine equipment and services. The production bases are all over America, Europe and Asia, and all cooperate closely with Doosan's headquarters in South Korea and its global research and development centers and engineering technology networks in the United States, China, Europe and other places

Doosan construction machinery (China) Co., Ltd. will issue the first phase of medium-term notes on March 21, 2013, with a face value of 100 yuan, an issue scale of 600 million yuan and a term of 3 years. The issue of medium-term notes raised 600million yuan, of which 480million yuan was used to repay part of the due bank loans of the headquarters, and the remaining 120million yuan was used to supplement the daily working capital of the headquarters

Hyundai Heavy Industry Group

in the construction machinery industry, many people know modern excavators. In the automotive industry, hydraulic oil with low viscosity should be used in winter. Many people know modern cars. However, most people do not understand that modern ships have strong shipbuilding capabilities. Hyundai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a world-class comprehensive heavy industry company and the cradle of heavy industry in Korea. It has eight business divisions, of which "shipbuilding division" and "engine division" have the largest production scale in the world. Hyundai Heavy Industry was established in Ulsan city at the southeast end of the Korean Peninsula in 1972. The group covers an area of 7.2 million square meters. The layout of workshops and various facilities is reasonable, which can maximize shipbuilding efficiency. It has 9 dry docks, and can build ships of various sizes and types according to the requirements of ship owners. Hyundai Heavy Industry Group, the leader of Korean shipbuilding industry, is the world's largest shipbuilding company, which plays a key role in the design and construction of Korean naval vessels. The sales revenue of the composite polyurethane adhesive industry in Ulsan is 15.65 billion yuan and 19.37 billion yuan respectively. In the past 10 years, Hyundai Heavy Industry Group has not only built ships for the South Korean navy and the coast guard, but also successfully sold a large number of special and military ships to European and American countries with good ship building capabilities

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