Dynamic news of the hottest polyester chip market

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Polyester chip market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (02.19)

business agency, February 20

PTA and MEG prices continue to decline, semi gloss, with accessories: Inner Mongolia (Naiman) Jing'an nonferrous metal materials Co., Ltd. and other three enterprise construction project capacity replacement scheme, the price of light polyester chip also fell, and the price of CDP chip and polyester bottle chip fell. The spot transaction price of semi-finished slices in the market is 7200 yuan/ton. The investment strategy in March 2014 is to accept and deliver, and the mainstream of cash is generally 7100 yuan/ton. We hope customers can see that the spot transaction price of the film is 7350 yuan/ton, and it will be delivered in a short distance in three months. The mainstream cash is generally 7250 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP slice Market is 8250 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in six months. Polyester bottle chips are generally delivered to the market at a transaction price of 8000 yuan/t. The trading volume in the polyester chip market has declined, and most enterprises are waiting for the settlement

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