Hottest October 23 Asian aromatic hydrocarbon mark

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On October 23, the spot price and dynamic analysis of Asian aromatic hydrocarbon Market - o-xylene

; CFR Southeast Asia dollar/ton, basically flat compared with last week; FOB Northeast Asia USD/ton, basically flat compared with last week

the price of o-xylene in the Northeast Asian market fell by USD/T to 990 USD/T (CFR China's main port) which can store data of 1000 samples, as the buyer's market was bearish on colorless, tasteless and suitable food. China's inventory remains high and the domestic market price is generally low. The record crude oil price has not had much impact on the market. It is said that the price of a batch of cargo in USD/ton (the main port in CFR) was traded

Northeast Asian producers said they suspended the quotation of November shipments because the rising crude oil price pushed up the price of aromatics. The price of raw mixed xylene has increased by at least USD 40/ton, from USD 920/ton (FOB Korea), while the price of p-xylene has increased by USD/ton

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