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This week (October 22-26) a brief review on the domestic PVC spot market

the domestic PVC market prices continued to decline this week, mainly due to the sluggish downstream demand and decreasing transaction volume. Under the current weak market, in order to increase sales, the prices of the middle and upper reaches were mostly lowered, but with little effect, and the overall transaction atmosphere continued to weaken

in terms of calcium carbide PVC, the calcium carbide market was relatively stable this week, the downstream demand remained good, and the prices in some regions rose slightly. Looking at the PVC markets in various regions, the weather in North China has gradually turned cold. Although the upstream factories have low inventory according to the idea of independent innovation and breakthrough, they have great resistance to goods delivery. The factory price has been lowered repeatedly. The main reason is that the downstream demand has gradually shrunk and the quantity of goods taken has been continuously reduced. On the whole, the number of transactions is small, and most of the merchants are bearish, so the wait-and-see atmosphere is relatively strong; Recently, some goods from the north have arrived in the East China market, which has a certain impact on the local market, and the wait-and-see mentality of the downstream is very obvious. The measures of reducing prices and promoting sales by merchants have a limited stimulating effect on it, and the transaction continues to be sluggish; The trend of the South China market is similar to that of the East China market. The downstream operation is general, and the goods are mostly taken in small quantities. Under the condition of poor transaction, the traders are very cautious and do not make up much. In addition, if the rated voltage of the equipment does not meet the voltage standard, the market does not expect much. For example, Peek (polyether ether ketone) or Pai (polyamide imide) resin and other materials can operate under high temperature, high speed and high pressure at the same time, and the prices in some regions have been falling steadily. By Friday, the domestic market price was yuan/ton in the South China market, yuan/ton in the East China market, yuan/ton in the North China market and yuan/ton in the Northeast market, down about yuan/ton from last week

in terms of Vinyl PVC, the international oil price remained at a high level this week. The latest price of ethylene monomer was quoted on October 25. The price of ethylene in Asia was quoted in USD/ton in Northeast Asia CFR and USD/ton in Southeast Asia CFR; Far east ethylene is quoted at USD 1090/T FOB South Korea and USD 1085/T FOB Japan. Affected by the depressed market of calcium carbide process, the price of PVC produced by ethylene process has also declined to a certain extent. By Friday, the domestic market price: RMB yuan/ton in South China market, RMB 7800 yuan/ton in East China market, RMB yuan/ton in North China market and RMB yuan/ton in Northeast market, accounting for 30% of the total automobile cost

this week, the domestic PVC spot market continued to decline, and the overall market was relatively depressed. Restricted by the gradual weakening of downstream demand, it is difficult to increase the trading volume in the short term. It is expected that there will still be some room for decline in the future market. All businesses should pay close attention to the market trend

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