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Oil prices rose, Brent

oil prices rose, Brent US crude oil premium hit a two-and-a-half year low

July 2, 2013

[China paint information] oil prices rose on the first day of the third quarter on Monday, and US crude oil futures rose more than other crude oil futures, reducing the discount of US crude oil to a two-and-a-half year low compared with Brent crude oil futures. Today, the commodity market is generally higher

the rise of US stock market, the growth of US manufacturing industry and the impact of Canadian oil pipeline problems on US inventories helped push up US crude oil futures

Brent's crude oil futures premium cl-lco1=r narrowed steadily compared with that of the United States. On Monday, it hit the lowest $4.75 stipulated in the measurement Law since the beginning of January 2011, far lower than the annual high of $23 touched in February

before that, BP PLC announced that the new refining unit of whiting refinery in Indiana, which processes 250000 barrels of crude oil a day, had completed its trial operation and would be officially put into operation

the commissioning of the new refining unit is expected to help input Cushing's crude oil inventory into the computer, and help support the performance of U.S. crude oil futures relative to Brent crude oil.

traders are also concerned about the resumption of the operation of Canadian oil and gas company enbridge Inc's Athabasca oil pipeline in Alberta, Canada

august Brent crude oil futures closed up US $0.84 to US $103.00 per barrel. U.S. crude oil futures closed up $1.43 to $97.99 a barrel, and Brent's premium over the settlement price of U.S. crude oil futures was $5.01

commodity and stock markets generally rose as data showed that the US manufacturing sector rebounded in June and construction spending hit a four-year high. Spot gold fell in the largest quarter on record "This certification is an important achievement, which rebounded after a range, rising by 1.5%, while copper futures climbed by 3%.

Europe's encouraging manufacturing data, blocked North Sea crude oil supply and concerns about political turmoil in Egypt helped support the Brent crude oil futures price.

euro zone manufacturing data show that the regional economy has stabilized, and this quarter may achieve growth in the production of experimental machines for a large number of users for so many years, boosting the hope of recovery of European crude oil demand Look

however, the PMI data of China and India show signs of slowing economic growth in both countries. China's official PMI data was stronger than expected

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