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Nowadays, the pace of urban life is relatively fast, and people generally pursue luxury. Urban plain appearance is to return to nature and present it to consumers in the most authentic state

from August 10 to 12, 2018, the 26th China (Shanghai) wallpaper/wallpaper/curtain and home soft decoration exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center! All previous exhibitions have achieved great success and high turnover, and have been highly recognized by domestic and foreign exhibitors and colleagues in the wallpaper and wall fabric industry. It is committed to becoming the first exhibition of Asian wallpaper worthy of the name

interview guest: Xia Lijuan, general manager of urban plain face

[reporter]: Hello, general manager Xia! We saw the popularity of the Shanghai Exhibition City plain face exhibition hall. How do you think this Shanghai exhibition is different from previous exhibitions

[Xia Lijuan]: now the exhibition hall is more and more popular. Now the wall cloth industry is developing rapidly, because the concept in China, cloth is certainly better than paper. Therefore, the industry of wall covering is very popular now

[reporter]: the name of urban plain face is unique. Why did you choose this name when you founded the brand

[Xia Lijuan]: now the pace of urban life is relatively fast, and people generally pursue luxury. Urban plain appearance is to return to nature and present it to consumers in the most authentic state

[reporter]: what is the positioning of urban plain face

[Xia Lijuan]: our positioning is a people-friendly and fashionable brand. Now the post-80s and post-90s are their own masters and do their own house decoration. Now we are facing new consumer groups. Urban plain face is a fashionable brand

[reporter]: as president Xia said just now, urban plain face is to enjoy the beauty of plain face and build a people-friendly brand. Besides being close to the people, does urban plain face have any other advantages

[Xia Lijuan]: in the wall fabric industry, we own factories in every link from weaving to production. We don't need to fake it. That's our biggest advantage

[reporter]: as soon as we entered the exhibition hall just now, we saw the activity of joining in and delivering cars, which is very attractive. In the square of the exhibition hall, I also saw the car that city Suyan wanted to give away. Can you talk to us about this specific preferential policy

[Xia Lijuan]: there are eight Mercedes Benzes parked outside. This time, our slogan is "you join, I send the car away". If the dealer's sales volume reaches 3.5 million in two years, it will directly send out a Mercedes Benz. If we don't want the car, we can cash it directly. Many people will ask, why do you want to do this activity? Now there are many in the wall covering industry, and some celebrity spokesmen are invited to advertise. I think it's more practical to save money and directly use the car delivery mode to feed back to franchisees. The car runs on the road every day, which is also advertising for the urban plain face in disguise. Directly return it to the dealer so that they can enjoy this benefit. I don't need to ask a star to endorse and spend that sum of money

[reporter]: in addition to car delivery, does urban Suyan have any other preferential measures for dealers

[Xia Lijuan]: urban beauty is oriented to be close to the people, so we will sell it at the ex factory price

[reporter]: we know that city Suyan is committed to building future stores. Can you tell us about the model of future stores

[Xia Lijuan]: now the company is trying to build a future store. When consumers decorate their houses, they have no concept at all. We now use the formation of big data and kujiale software to create a system of urban beauty. Let consumers intuitively feel the effect of applying patterns and colors to the actual decoration in the store. Build the experience store with the system

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