Le Yijia and you regain youth and create the myth

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In recent years, many youth blockbusters have been released one after another, arousing the memories of youth of many people. With the release of the film "left ear", Le Yijia will recall youth with you and teach you how to create a myth of immortality

"left ear" was put on file on April 24. I still remember that at the beginning, we spent our youth with romantic novels and girl comics. Lovely Taos, mingxiaoxi, Rao Xueman, xiaonizi and other writers are all familiar to us. "Left ear", the story that once accompanied us through our youth, is still branded in our hearts. "Sweet words, say to your left ear" this sentence once fascinated Le Zai. The little ear that once made Le Zai envy, envy and hate will eventually be on the screen. Le Zai knows that there will always be such a day, in this era of pursuing youth

definition of youth

youth is the time when I was a child. Now it has been hidden in my memory and become the best memory

youth is the unbridled dream of youth, struggling childishly for a distant dream

youth is thinking about the carefree little appearance of childhood in middle age, and then the arc of the rising corners of the mouth, thinking about the dreams of youth, and then the corners of the mouth are hung with a faint helpless but spoiled smile...

the stories with the theme of youth have been brought to the screen one by one, and most of them have been highly praised! A large part of the reason is that we do not give up, miss and chase our youth

in fact, as long as your heart is not old, you are the darling of youth

if you don't believe it, look at Le Zai's tough guy group

(sunshine, green leaves, smiling face, standard youth darling, identification completed!)

(quality development for 45 minutes, tired to death, but also smiling as a souvenir, invincible youth)

seeing the passionate smiling faces of Le Zai's tough guys, Le Zai always feels warm and thoughtful! With you being so resourceful and intelligent, the key is to be a young partner who will never owe money. Le Zai is just around the corner when he grows up

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